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  1. Hal Nico

    Troubleshooting Wiring Issue

    Some people do not use a Ground link wire between the pots but rely on the shielding to ground them. I prefer to have both :)
  2. Hal Nico

    Troubleshooting Wiring Issue

    Put a piece of PVC adhesive tape over the top of the 5-way switch to prevent the contacts hitting your screening. If that cures it you know the short is there.
  3. Hal Nico

    G-string rattle

    Measure the width across your present saddles just to make sure if you choose to replace them :)
  4. Hal Nico

    G-string rattle

    They are this kind that I have on all my Stratocasters, Stratocaster Bridge Saddles 52.5mm spacing
  5. Hal Nico

    Aliexpress single coils recommendation

    I've noticed something strange here Antigua. Many of the names of the WAAAH pickups are identical to the names used on the official Tonerider site/s ?
  6. Hal Nico

    G-string rattle

    Check that the small grub screws that set the heights of the Bridge saddles are not lose and both are square onto the base plate. HTH :)
  7. Hal Nico

    Selector switch makes “clicking” sound through amp???

    I've had all sorts of funky things happen with faulty 5-way switches including clicks when changing and no amount of Switch/Contact cleaner cured it when it happened on some. New Switch and the problem was cured. My 2 cents. HTH :)
  8. Hal Nico

    Should I build a Champ clone?

    The problem is there are some great valve combos around now at an affordable price like the Monoprice15w/ Harley Benton 15w and you can get your hands dirty electronically modifying them if you want to.
  9. Hal Nico

    Aliexpress single coils recommendation

    See if you can find these on your eBay, Fleor Alnico 5 single coils
  10. Hal Nico

    Aliexpress single coils recommendation

    Not from Aliexpress but see if this vendor posts to Norway, Amazon UK LYWS Alnico 5 pickups I use a middle and neck LWYS Alnico 5 in my Harley Benton ST-62 and the original Roswell pickup in the bridge position. Here's one of the tracks I've used them on. Also, "Fleor" make excellent...
  11. Hal Nico

    For CLEAN Tones with Basic Effects, Modeler or Modeling Amp?

    This was played through my NUX MG300 over a YouTube backing track. as was this, $115 HTH :)
  12. Hal Nico

    Converting to SSS

    Virtually any Tonerider bridge pickup just listen to the demos and find a sound you like. Stratocaster Bridge pickups are usually a slightly higher output than the Middle and Neck pickups to allow for the lesser vibrations @ the bridge which...
  13. Hal Nico

    David Gilmour's voice and melodies.

    First cassette tape I ever bought/owned :D
  14. Hal Nico

    Volume drops, bad cable? Power supply maybe?

    I've got an old Behringer valve preamp box that I sometimes run my guitars through to add a bit of valve colour. It's input socket has become a bit dodgy over the years. I have to use Contact/Switch cleaner in it a lot otherwise sometimes the volume will fade and go off. I keep meaning to look...
  15. Hal Nico

    Neck humbucker in the bridge . Anyone else does it ?

    I have two HSS Stratocasters both using Alnico 5 Neck Humbuckers in the Bridge position. The neck HBs typically have a lower output than bridge HBs so don't over-power the single coils in the middle and neck positions. This is my HSS Squier, and this if my HSS Wesley Stratocaster,
  16. Hal Nico

    Strat sizzle...or ring...what is it?

    What value Tone and Volume pots are in the guitar ? If they are 500k that might make the pickups too bright. I use A250k ohm pots on my single coils pickups and 0.022uF caps.
  17. Hal Nico

    Any boss sd-1 clone in a mini format

    This might work for you but is is a True-Bypass $37 ish. Stax Dumbler Amazon
  18. Hal Nico

    My first Strat - String action question

    Bookmark this guy's YT channel, Easy to follow setup instructions. HTH :)
  19. Hal Nico

    Peter Frampton at Royal Albert Hall on PBS

    One of my all time fave albums and Frampton was one of the guitarists who inspired me :) R.I.P Stevie :(
  20. Hal Nico

    Tube warm-up?

    I used to use a 100w full valve Marshall stack. I always used the Standby. I did this not so much for the valves but to stop ,"Speaker Thump" which can damage the speakers and shorten their life. Also some gigs we did had split sets so having the valves already warm on Standby for the 2nd set...
  21. Hal Nico

    problems with my strats sss with the mixer Live performance ,volume is too low or high and no more strat "sound" only after the mixer

    I used an HSS Strat on stage in a two guitar/bass drums setup and never had a problem in-the-mix :/ On that track it was through a Zoom G1on Amp stomp box running through a Behringer Ultragain 200 small Valve preamp to warm up the sound into a PC via a Line6 Studio GX using a DI clean patch to...
  22. Hal Nico

    problems with my strats sss with the mixer Live performance ,volume is too low or high and no more strat "sound" only after the mixer

    Try adjusting your pickup heights. I have 3 Stratocasters 2 HSS and 1SSS and no problems with volumes. Also on all three I use only two Springs for the Trem unit and I constantly use the Trem arm from slight shimmers to heavy moves and they do not go out of tune. A good Tremolo setup cures a...
  23. Hal Nico

    Sad News Concerning Bruce Willis

    You don't get to play with the greats unless you have something special! and ,"Bruno" rocked :D
  24. Hal Nico

    Modeling amp question.

    A patch is just a settings of amps/cabs and FX in an amp modeler. For example my present NUX-MG300 has 36 Factory preset patches of various amp/Cabs/FX and 36 user patch spots. I can edit any of the 36 Factory presets and save the edited patch in the USER section and then re-edit them there if I...
  25. Hal Nico

    The hum's gettin' me down, boys.

    Try one of these, Tinnitus is not usually an ear problem but the mind's perception.