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  1. perttime

    The myth of bedroom volume

    I thought that the whole point of "bedroom amps" is that you can play without being evicted from the apartment or banished to live in the dog house.
  2. perttime

    Best Amp For Low Volume

    How low do you want to go? I find my 1W Marshall DSL1 to be a little loud for my apartment bedroom use - in the Low (0.1W ?) setting. It still needs to be turned up a little to sound right. For LOW volume I like best a preamp pedal, with speaker emulation, plugged into some computer speakers...
  3. perttime

    Strange looking Strat

    It isn't always that simple. I have an unusual and lovely partscaster, bought from a guy who was moving on much gear because arthritic hands no longer let him play much.
  4. perttime

    One piece Body blank weight relief

    What about balance, when you put on a neck that is also a bit on the heavy side?
  5. perttime

    My new late 70's neck-through Japanese Stratotype

    Thr neck reminds me of the otherwise quite different Ibanez Mucisian (MC) series from late 70s and early 80s. Some other Japanese brand had those 5 piece necks too.
  6. perttime

    What's your choice of acoustic? Let's see yours!

    I do have a couple of acoustics: A smallish jumbo Landola that I've had since '80s and a Breedlove in OM size
  7. perttime

    Have you ever weighed a strat?

    I have. Somebody had a thread like this and I got curious. Ash body Hardtail Stratocaster and telestrat partscaster. I forget the exact weights but, converted to US measurements, they were in the 8 pound ballpark.
  8. perttime

    Why do they answer???

    A year ago, we still had a cat.... She was deaf, so couldn't hear us. She meowed pretty loud at times. And our puppy started responding by howling.
  9. perttime

    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    But how much have you spent keeping it running and looking good?
  10. perttime

    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    You can still race slot cars if you want to.
  11. perttime

    The Coolest Car You’ve Ever Owned?

    I've only ever owned two cars. Both Audis. The first one was pretty small and practical. The current one is also small but a bit cooler.
  12. perttime

    Where do you stick it????

    Huh? 5 is also in the heel. Just a little more out of the way and positioned so that it is even less likely for the strap to slip off it.
  13. perttime

    Luthier Wanted.

    Are there any good schools for luthiers anywhere near? (No, I'm not going to go, but there might be suitable candidates there)
  14. perttime

    Dog Lovers

    Teenager.... Any signs of the "monster age"? I've seen that, with a couple of dogs of my own. Sometimes any unexpected thing can cause serious apprehension or even fear. Like: "There was no bicycle parked there yesterday. It must be a horrible monster. I ain't going near it."
  15. perttime

    Knot on my American Strat

    It reminds me of a guitar built by a local guy. I'm pretty sure I have a pic....
  16. perttime

    Where do you stick it????

    5 I just have one acoustic with a button, and that is where it is. It doesn't get in the way of anything during playing or transportation, and it is a strong location.
  17. perttime

    Show off your hardtails!

    ^ That is a little unconventional.
  18. perttime

    Show off your hardtails!

    I thought there already was a hardtail thread. Oh well. Any chance to post my.... 1983 Stratocaster and telestrat partscaster
  19. perttime

    Going bald in your 20s

    I used to have a maths teacher who combed some longer hair over his bald spot. Dont do that. My hair is still pretty thick, and I'm closer to 60 than 50. My late father had pretty thick hair to the end. Just in case, I have considered two options: shave it or at least cut it very short, or just...
  20. perttime

    Any cat experts in the house?

    No way to tell, for certain, by the pics. Needs documentation of the pedigree, to be sure.
  21. perttime

    It's Friday night, and I think we need a MEME thread.

    I'm divided: I see victory of sorts, and I see three men who died quickly.
  22. perttime

    New Acoustic Day!!!

    Congratulations! and.... Your budget for guitars has a little more stretch than mine :D
  23. perttime

    One string always going out of tune

    Did I understand correctly: you used to have 9s and have now gone for 11s? In that case, a tight nut slot is the first suspect.
  24. perttime

    DSL Classic Gain vs JCM 800 2203

    I just have the little DSL1.... but the gainy channel gets to "slight crunch" when you back it down a bit, and maybe turn down the guitar a bit too. I live in an apartment, so haven't tried what happens if I turn the clean channel up....
  25. perttime

    What acoustic model is this?

    ^ It does look like a Fender Paramount series dreadnought. It might not be a current production model.