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  1. Mohlman

    Going, going, GONE!

    You're a card!
  2. Mohlman

    I’m on Strat-Talk, when I should be...

    practicing my AM STD, which I profess to love so much, but spend valuable time reading and commenting in ST.
  3. Mohlman

    How to Use Reverb to Make Money 101

    Buyer beware
  4. Mohlman

    Gone (or not), but definitely forgotten

    Rory can CRUSH it! Love him!
  5. Mohlman

    Love / hate with Walmart

    Both my wife and I detest Wally World. One of the reasons I love the gal. It makes me feel bad going there, so I quit going there in 2010.
  6. Mohlman

    What are you listening to right now?

    Fargo soundtrack. Love that cd!
  7. Mohlman

    Tepidly interesting

    Good thing you didn't get the squatter after you!
  8. Mohlman

    Remove stain

    Maybe a scuff?
  9. Mohlman

    No BS...

  10. Mohlman

    What is the science behind it?

    If you say so....
  11. Mohlman

    Poll: Be honest, who else cheats at playing Little Wing?

    Long as a horse's tail!
  12. Mohlman

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    It works for unfixable computers. .45 Long Colt, right in the hard drive.
  13. Mohlman

    Winter is DONE

    They never let you live that down, I'll wager!
  14. Mohlman

    John Fogerty and AC/DC

    "Wanna have some fun? Fire your guns!"
  15. Mohlman

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    My Sony is 15 years old. When it croaks, I'll buy a new one. 48"
  16. Mohlman

    Going, going, GONE!

    Who is Banksy?
  17. Mohlman

    Volume knob - does it affect sound?

    Yooouuuuu said it!
  18. Mohlman

    Family photo

    Just the lonesome...
  19. Mohlman

    Lost an old friend

    My condolences for the loss of your friend. Christopher
  20. Mohlman

    Too many robo calls - I changed my phone number

    It helps a little if you answer then immediately disconnect. That way it shows up on their side as successful, and it'll slow them down. A little.
  21. Mohlman

    Best strat colors

    Now adding Miami Blue!
  22. Mohlman

    Headstock tinting

    Legions of folks have Squires they love. It's cool.
  23. Mohlman

    Making my Miami blue guitar MY Miami blue guitar

    Miami Blue, huh? I like that a lot.
  24. Mohlman

    How’s your string supply?

    Time to reorder, I'd forgotten to...
  25. Mohlman

    What was your first car?

    A 1959 VW Beetle. Black. Only 3 working cylinders. The brakes completely failed on a hill almost killing my friend and I, we zoomed through several stop signs before the road leveled out, and got it stopped. My Dad had bought it for me for $100 (1972). I sold it shortly afterwards, but I never...