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  1. touch of gray

    Paul Kossoff

    I always tear up a bit when I hear Shooting Star by Bad Company. Paul Rodgers wrote it about/for him.
  2. touch of gray

    Always On Pedals - Who Does Em?

    I am currently running the following pedals “always on” or close to it: MXR Timmy: I set this at 10-11:00 for my base tone. Sounds like the amp tone, with a bit of grit at rhythm volume. J Rockett Archer Ikon: set somewhere between 9-11:00, I stack this into the Timmy for the next gain stage...
  3. touch of gray

    David Lindley just passed

    True, the specific context for me being those that are simply succumbing to old age rather than those dying fairly young due to misadventure which had sadly been the typical rock star death. But I guess none of us gets out of here alive, as we are being reminded of on a daily basis.
  4. touch of gray

    David Lindley just passed

    I’m afraid this is going to be a sad recurring pattern.
  5. touch of gray

    Show us what you're playin' today

    Gonna strap the big gun on:
  6. touch of gray

    What's something super simple you like to play just because it's fun to play?

    Anything by Neil Young. And the beauty part is if you learn one you’ve learned them all! And if I get tired of that, then some punk rock.
  7. touch of gray

    My own list of underrated vocalists

    Peter Green Gary Moore Rory Gallagher Joe Bonamassa
  8. touch of gray

    Soft songs

    Little Martha by ABB. Pretty easy song in open tuning.
  9. touch of gray

    NGD: R4 Les Paul

    Killer guitar, congrats!
  10. touch of gray

    Klone clone questions

    I used to play through a friends silver face Super Reverb a fair amount. I used a tube screamer to get some breakup without cranking it too much at gigs. But I also played his dads black face Super a couple times and that would break up quicker without any pedals, especially with humbucker...
  11. touch of gray

    When did you decide to get a Fender?

    Same thing, had to get a white Strat like Jimi.
  12. touch of gray

    Klone clone questions

    In the Blues cranks one up on their YouTube channel. Sounded like they got there. Only got to 123 db!
  13. touch of gray

    Klone clone questions

    Do Tweed Twins count? Joe Bonamassa can make those howl pretty good.
  14. touch of gray

    Klone clone questions

    The origin story of the Klon was that Bill Finnegan wanted a pedal to recreate the sound he heard when he turned up his Twin Reverb loud enough to break up, and he was tired of being told to turn it down whenever he did.
  15. touch of gray

    Klone clone questions

    A Tube Screamer and a Rat sound great together. The extra midrange from the Screamer really helps the Rat cut through during solos.
  16. touch of gray

    Klone clone questions

    Two things I waited too long to buy and now find them indispensable: 1. A proper Les Paul. 2. An EQ pedal.
  17. touch of gray

    New from Minnesota

    Yeah, I married into the state, and it was a great place to raise our kids. Both of my boys live in Fargo-Moorhead which is where my wife and I went to college.
  18. touch of gray

    I did the unthinkable...

    Some of the greatest players ever played the 335 as their number 1. Beautiful guitar.
  19. touch of gray

    New from Minnesota

    Welcome! I’m a former Minnesotan myself but was self-exiled to North Dakota some years ago.
  20. touch of gray

    Yet another Show Your Pedalboard thread

    Creation is a patient search!
  21. touch of gray

    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Took a couple guitars into the shop for adjustment and new strings. Decided to try out some Ernie Ball Slinky M-Steels. Those have become my strings of choice for all of my electric guitars.
  22. touch of gray

    Tube warm-up?

    I would really like to try one and compare it to my Vibrolux/Supro-Keeley rig. I’m sure it has a lot more headroom.
  23. touch of gray

    Tube warm-up?

    I went to a Tinsley Ellis gig in a bar over twenty years ago and came early to get a spot near the stage. His BF Super Reverb was on standby for at least a half-hour before he took the stage. It sounded incredible. His Live Highwayman album sounded the same. That amp was cooking and so was he...
  24. touch of gray

    Show us what you're playin' today

    Couldn’t decide between P-90’s or humbucker’s, so why not both?