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  1. abnormaltoy

    One word song title transference

    Heavy Fuel - Dire Straits
  2. abnormaltoy

    Adventure time with my Dad!

    That sounds like a blast Nate. August will be hot, but at least here in Tucson that's just about the middle of the summer rainy season, though I think it's much more arid there than it is here. Invest in some type of ruggedized camera like a GoPro.
  3. abnormaltoy

    New guitar rack day

    Well without an ocean rating we're just bumping our gums. I've never had enough guitars at one time to have need of a multi-stand, but I've always thought they were cool. The picture of the top latching on to the lid kind of explained a lot to me.
  4. abnormaltoy

    New guitar rack day

    That's pretty cool, how sturdy is it?
  5. abnormaltoy

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    Those are the ones you treasure.
  6. abnormaltoy

    Bodean's Lounge

    Cool, thanks! When my daughter and son-in-law lived in Germany they each bought a BMW, in part of the process they got to take a tour of the factory. Actually now that I think of it, just for the move back they traded my daughters in and got another one over there, and shipped it over here for...
  7. abnormaltoy

    Bodean's Lounge

    What kind of car, if I may ask, and do you have any links to the production?
  8. abnormaltoy

    Bodean's Lounge

    I like production processes. I could watch a bottling or canning line for hours, I'm always amazed at the timing involved in putting a soft drink into an aluminum can.
  9. abnormaltoy

    Lost an old friend

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, and my condolences go out to her family.
  10. abnormaltoy

    How Long - Ace

    Well done Mouse! What a great tune, Paul Carrack is one of my favorite singers, but almost a hidden gem, he's seldom my first thought when I want something to listen to, but I never reach for the radio to turn it off when he's on. He's had a fairly remarkable career.
  11. abnormaltoy

    Good for Chrissie

    I try not to get involved in the professional mutual adoration celebrations, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just seems to be a circle reach around. It has so little to do with actual rock and roll, I might be more interested if they just called it the popular music hall of fame.
  12. abnormaltoy

    Big Babies.

    I think it's much harder for people to accept to someone else's opinion online than it is in real life. Why not? Why not find out sooner rather than later before you waste a bunch of time. I can't see you from here, but something tells me that you don't.
  13. abnormaltoy

    Dave & Phil Alvin

    That's a real toe tapping tune to start out the day!
  14. abnormaltoy


    Happy new purple pedal day! I don't have any outlandishly colored pedals, as a matter of fact I don't even have a pedal board anymore, mine disintegrated
  15. abnormaltoy

    Top O the morning to all my friends here.

    Wow! I haven't seen you around for a long time I hope you are hale and hearty.
  16. abnormaltoy

    RIP Bobby Caldwell

    What a great voice he had. What you won't do for Love is a monumental tune, it's timeless. You ain't said nothing but a word.
  17. abnormaltoy

    RIP Jim Gordon.

    Oh man, I never knew anything about that. Rest in peace
  18. abnormaltoy

    I get to fill in for my friend Sunday.

    I have no doubt that you will walk away satisfied with what you've done.
  19. abnormaltoy

    Go All the Way - The Raspberries

    I had no idea that's how Eric Carmen got his start! That's a good old tune, and as always a splendid performance. And I too like your guitar.
  20. abnormaltoy

    Have you encountered ghosts?

    I've seen my wife, and my mother after their passing. I've seen UFOs, if only in the respect that I could not identify them. As I said before I don't know what I don't know, you know.
  21. abnormaltoy

    My favorite Clapton tone

    I don't know if it's my absolute favorite, but I really like that particular song in the tone...virtually everything he does in that tune works for me. I'm right there with y'all.
  22. abnormaltoy

    Won't take 'NO!' for an answer

    A pain in the asterisk? Who says men of strong will and conviction no longer exist...
  23. abnormaltoy

    Won't take 'NO!' for an answer

    Like Apple's going to be any better... When my PC bites the dust, I'm just going to get an Android tablet or maybe, if it's available, a laptop.
  24. abnormaltoy

    Why Is Everything That Tastes Good Is Crappy For You

    Any port in a storm. I am delighted to say that I found scrapple out here!
  25. abnormaltoy

    Why Is Everything That Tastes Good Is Crappy For You

    I would rather eat liver and onions and wash it down with gym sock tea.