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  1. drp146

    New to recording - Help needed

    I think I would start with a standalone 4 track recorder, or a 4 track interface if you want to learn to use DAW's.
  2. drp146

    Restoring a 1950 Gibson LG2

  3. drp146

    Gone (or not), but definitely forgotten

    Stanley Jordan seems like a freak of nature to me, he's that amazing.
  4. drp146

    New to recording - Help needed

    What do you want to record? Just the guitar to listen back to? Songs? A lot depends on what you are wanting out of the recording. Start cheap and easy is what I recommend. I use a 16 track Tascam interface with Reaper, but I wouldn't start there.
  5. drp146

    Restoring a 1950 Gibson LG2

    I understand. Business comes first, so take your time. It's great that you're able to post what you do. I do want to learn about replacing frets and I'll be looking forward to getting your insights. I do appreciate learning from someone with your experience and artistry.
  6. drp146

    Restoring a 1950 Gibson LG2

    @Scott Baxendale This is my first time seeing this thread, and I really enjoyed seeing the pics. Did you ever do a thread on the re-fret? I would love to see that as well. I read earlier that you were going to show how to do it. Thanks.
  7. drp146

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Philips, just about any brand. The parts sell on ebay. I buy used boards there a lot. Been lucky with not a bad experience yet. I keep a lot of good used boards also, especially T-con, and power supply/mainboards. I'm talking about larger LED TVs. There are still people...
  8. drp146

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    You can also sell the remaining boards and screen and other good parts separately, rather than just tossing one.
  9. drp146

    I guess when they blow. You toss em.

    I repair them pretty regularly. Don't just change the LED strips till you verify the voltage source is correct.
  10. drp146

    Buying my first soldering station

    Watching good videos will teach you all you need to know. I learned from a U.S. Marine aircraft radio repairman, but there are people just as knowledgeable making good instructional videos.
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    What to do with a 1985 MIJ Strat

    Just as an interesting aside, I also have a 1985 E serial MIJ with the 6 screw bridge and I use the whammy bar and have had zero issues with it. It stays in tune very well and is my number 1 guitar, out of six electrics, all Fender and Gibson. And the neck is just the best. But there are...
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    Help me identify this guitar - Is this a Squier Affinity?

    I really can't add to what dirocyn said, but welcome to the forum!
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    A few questions about adjusting the neck relief on a Strat.

    This is exactly what I do.
  14. drp146

    What to do with a 1985 MIJ Strat

    @balston11, Bill Alston is a member here and could help you more. His website is
  15. drp146

    So one pick-up question led me here..and I found my answer!

    Here's another belated welcome, lol.
  16. drp146

    Family photo

    I do love a Strat with a maple fretboard!
  17. drp146

    Hey everyone!

    Nice collection and welcome! First time I've seen a bass with no frets near the body.
  18. drp146

    Need help with an old Gibson

    Well, I guess I'll be prepared to measure whatever is asked for then.
  19. drp146

    Need help with an old Gibson

    Gave me a good laugh!
  20. drp146

    Need help with an old Gibson

    Thanks for the info! I've posted pretty comprehensive photos. I'm not sure what measurements would be relevant, since it seems to be an ES125TC in every respect, except that it was made from the factory to have the PAF pickup installed, instead of the P90. I think that's the only difference...
  21. drp146

    How dangerous are tube amps?

    I rebuild and repair tube amps regularly and there ARE things to be careful of. Don't do anything until you've read at lot about it, at the very least. But yes, discharging the caps is important when it's turned off, and don't do anyting with the amp on until you're confident you've learned what...
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    New to Group- just sharing my stuff !

    Welcome and nice guitars and amp!
  23. drp146

    Need help with an old Gibson

    As a bit up an update, it has been suggested by people on other forums that the guitar might be a one of a kind made by a Gibson employee. I have still been unable to find another one like it online or get any knowledgeable people to say they've seen one. It's interesting, to say the least.
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    I want a Gibson SG

    I'll add Frank Zappa. Seen and heard him make one sound pretty good.
  25. drp146

    Hello everyone!

    Nice playing! And welcome!