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  1. Andrew Wasson

    European Jam Session - March 25th, 2023

    So glad to see EuroStock is back online!! I haven't been on Strat Talk much recently but I just popped in to say hi. I will be coming to Europe (England) next year or the year after so hopefully I can line my plans up to coincide with a Eurostock when I'm over. I hope you have a great session...
  2. Andrew Wasson

    Truth about Fender Japan

    I'm coming from the opposite direction. For the last 8 years or so, I've been all about Strats and Telecasters but when I had been playing guitar for a few years as a kid and I got serious about playing guitar in about 1979/80, my teacher, a local session player suggested I trade in the cheap...
  3. Andrew Wasson

    Hendrix Strat Giveaway Drawing: And the Winner is........

    Congrats @AndyF! Enjoy the new Ax.
  4. Andrew Wasson

    How many electrics do you own at the moment?

    1) Fender Eric Johnson Strat 2) Fender Classic Plater 60's Strat 3) Fender "Squier Series" Strat 4) DIY Telecaster 5) 1981 Ibanez AS100 with Phat Cat P94's 6) 1981 Ibanez AS100 with OEM Pickups 7) 1981 Ibanez AR100 with cream humbuckers Honourable Mention: Fender MIJ Jazz Bass,
  5. Andrew Wasson

    Can't deck 2 point trem

    This is really the only way I'd do it. It maintains the correct geometry for the 2 point and it'll be solid.Nice job.
  6. Andrew Wasson

    Win a Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster - 2022 Giveaway

    And there I was thinking I had all the guitars I wanted 🤤
  7. Andrew Wasson

    Can't deck 2 point trem

    Welp.... Now you've gone and triggered my OCD :eek: I've got a 2-point fender and I swapped out the bridge for a Wilkinson model so I've got the posts and the inserts in the case. I just pulled them out and yes, I can see that the length of the inserts inserts are shorter than the posts. The...
  8. Andrew Wasson

    Eric Johnson Signature Strat early 2000's

    Almost forgot.... Happy New Guitar day (give or take a few days). So much goodness in these EJ Strats. I've got 3 strats and a few other guitars but I don't remember the last time I played any other guitar than my EJ Strat.
  9. Andrew Wasson

    Eric Johnson Signature Strat early 2000's

    Yes. That neck should be really orange with a ton of figuring and flame along the truss slot, the fretboard and the headstock face. Under the right lighting mine looks like it's been painted in; the figuring is so busy it looks fake. Mine is an 07.
  10. Andrew Wasson

    Tremolo „arm tension“ springs

    I don't like those little fender springs. I've had them in my strats but they tend to compress and stay compressed. I'd prefer something more springy. I don't use anything on my strats with the Fender tremolos and my other one has a Wilkinson 2-point so it has a different method for tension.
  11. Andrew Wasson

    Help me in decision - OSx vs Win

    I'm on the Mac team. I've been using computers for Audio (as an amateur) for about 30 years. I started with a DOS box, then Windows and a little over 12 years ago, I switched to MacOS. I've used Garage Band and Logic but the guy I write and record with has a Windows box so we use Reaper for...
  12. Andrew Wasson

    What is a Stratocaster?

    Looks like one to me.
  13. Andrew Wasson

    What is a Stratocaster?

    For me, if it looks like a Strat, it's a Strat. If it's made by Fender, it's a Fender Strat. Visually for me, it's the rounded headstock, the body shape and pickguard with 3 controls and the 5-way switch. I've got three Fender Strats but I wouldn't turn down a decent non-Fender Strat; there...
  14. Andrew Wasson

    If you could pick between the American Original 60’s Strat or the Eric Johnson signature…which would you choose?

    I've got an EJ Strat and it's the nicest strat I think I've ever played. It's one of three strats I own. I tend to tweak the others and I'll play them for a long time to really get a feel for them but when I pick up the EJ, it's just that much better. I really like the pickups too, especially...
  15. Andrew Wasson

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Some day I'd like to get a LP with P90's or one of those Alex Lifeson models with the Floyd Rose. For now I've got my early 80's Ibanez Artist for that 10lb solid body maple/mahogany humbucker tone. What I get from a Strat is unique to the way I play and what I hear from others playing strats...
  16. Andrew Wasson

    Let's play a game. Shall we?

    Yep, your posts about them convinced me to try a set of Planet Wave tuners on a basket case rebuild I did last year and I’m sold. I’m likely not swapping out all of my split tuners to convert to them but on any new builds or resurrection projects, Planet Waves will be my first choice. Well...
  17. Andrew Wasson

    The "Other" Major Scale...

    That second form is the one I mentioned earlier where you have your root note on the 5th string. I use the root 6 and root 5 forms of the scale as a warmup to play major scales in the circle of 4ths (circle of 5ths backwards). I’ll start with G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D (Playing...
  18. Andrew Wasson

    TDPRI is getting upgraded

    More likely a spun bearing or a hole in the piston.
  19. Andrew Wasson

    TDPRI is getting upgraded

    Uh oh…. “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.” From my experience, that’s never a good sign.
  20. Andrew Wasson

    The "Other" Major Scale...

    I started using this 3 note per string pattern sometime in the last 10 years. Prior to that I used the standard 2nd position. What I like about the 3 note per pattern aside from more notes per string and it being so nicely laid out is that it’s simple to shift over a string and rooting on the...
  21. Andrew Wasson

    Collected a donor today. (Caution: Not for the Feint hearted)

    Ok… I’m in. Agree with @CigBurn about trying to save that headstock inlay. I’d scan it as well so if you can’t save it, you might be able to replicate it.
  22. Andrew Wasson

    About that guy...

    I’ve listened to that guy…. A lot :) I bought my Ibanez semi-hollow body 40 years ago because I was massively into Cream and I could get the best “woman tone” out of it. I was also looking at an SG of course but the semi-hollow body just kills at that tone. At the time, I was in a band where...
  23. Andrew Wasson

    Pentatonics and triads

    The topic of playing different pentatonics or triads over a given chord is interesting to me because I’ve got a lifelong habit of playing licks and passing tones I’ve played for years around the root of the progression instead of looking at the chords and considering that I could play a shape in...
  24. Andrew Wasson

    Remember when cars used to come stock with baby slingshots?

    That’s a beautiful car. I sometimes wish I had kept mine or bought another 69 Parisienne I came across in the late 80’s for next to nothing. I don’t have the means to keep or store one either. If I did, I’d definitely have one or something similar.
  25. Andrew Wasson

    Pentatonics and triads

    Thanks for posting this. I subscribe the Beato and several others. Anyone who’s actually excited about the stuff he’s talking about is fine by me. I haven’t bought his book of coffee mug but I might just do so. I’ve learned a few things from him about music, players and music production...