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  1. Caedarn

    Finally own an American Strat!

    That’s a beauty! Congrats!
  2. Caedarn

    Lost an old friend

    Very sorry for your loss.
  3. Caedarn

    Anyone Own Reverend Guitars? This one just listed
  4. Caedarn

    Anyone Own Reverend Guitars?

    I have a Reverend Charger RA. It’s got a P90 and a Humbucker. The guitar is very well made and plays well. It produces a very useful range of tones. The knob on the upper bout is what they call “bass contour” I think. I figured it was sort of a gimmick but actually I find it really useful...
  5. Caedarn

    any love for Lollar 64's?

    I bought an Am Pro II that had those pickups installed. They sound really good and I think would fit what you want. But I suspect other less expensive pickups would also
  6. Caedarn

    No Blue Guitars☹️

    Love blue guitars. Here's a few....
  7. Caedarn

    The English language

    I’m also the sort that is curious about the origin of certain words and phrases. Related to this, I’d recommend a book by Bill Bryson called ‘The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way.’ Bryson is a very entertaining writer.
  8. Caedarn

    Hey all you Ritchie Blackmore fans...

    I don't mind her singing at all. But I agree - Ritchie still rocks! 🤘
  9. Caedarn

    Very good info on Fender Noiseless pickups (the entire lineup)

    Thanks for posting, very informative
  10. Caedarn

    Hey all you Ritchie Blackmore fans...

    Thanks all for sharing your views. A very even split of ‘yeas’ and ‘nays’.
  11. Caedarn

    Hey all you Ritchie Blackmore fans...

    ... Have any of you checked out Blackmore's Night? I was (am) a big Blackmore fan, so I bought one of the Blackmore's Night albums a long time ago but didn't really get into it. Recently, I started listening to them through the wonders of music streaming services, and have to say I'm finding...
  12. Caedarn

    Lace Visionaries

    Love that pickguard
  13. Caedarn

    NGD - Les Paul Standard 60s Lemonburst

    HNGD! That's a beauty. I love Strats, but if I'm being completely honest with myself, my Les Paul Standard is the best-playing guitar that I have.
  14. Caedarn

    Lefty's Playing Right Handed

    I'm also a lefty that plays right handed. I don't think I had a choice, really. I was given a righty guitar and that was it. I think what others have said about doing what feels best makes sense. Starting out, it seems that fretting chords and learning scales requires more dexterity, so doing...
  15. Caedarn

    American II - does it check out?

    I don't know what it is, but it's not a Pro II
  16. Caedarn

    Here’s my favorite Strat right now… show me yours

    Yeah, it looks better 'in person' - or at least in pics taken by somebody other than me. :D My picture is pretty lousy, now that I'm looking at it on a screen larger than my phone.
  17. Caedarn

    Here’s my favorite Strat right now… show me yours

    My Am Pro II. Hands-down my favorite, best-playing strat....
  18. Caedarn

    RIP Jeff Beck

    Awful news. A true legend and innovator
  19. Caedarn

    NGD - Bucket List Les Paul

    HNGD! That’s stunning.
  20. Caedarn

    NGD American Pro II in Dark Knight

    Congrats and HNGD! I have the exact same model and absolutely love it. My favorite Strat by far.
  21. Caedarn

    To Friends of Baelzabub, Not sure where to post, forgive my naivete

    So sorry for you loss, he will be greatly missed.
  22. Caedarn


    HNGD! That’s beautiful. And what a collection you have!
  23. Caedarn

    You righty's are lucky....

    I'm left handed, but learned to play guitar right handed. I can't fathom playing left handed. Learning to fret chords was hard enough with my dominant hand.