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    Oh, my this is so vile.

    I had a band break up. Within about two weeks I got a call from a completely different band who played completely different music, so I did a few months with them. The nice thing was that people who knew me assumed I'd quit the first band to follow some inner dream of playing another kind of...
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    info needed on piezos

    I have four or five electrics that have piezos. Two are Line 6 Variax JTV-89Fs. The piezos are Graphtech Ghost saddles mounted in their Floyd Rose variant, and they feed the Variax electronics in the guitar. The JTV-89F is a superstrat-alike with 24 frets, 16" radius fretboard, jumbo frets, 1...
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    What was your first car?

    I drove that thing to college, and one day parked it next to a slab-sided 289 Cobra that was a really dark blue with a red interior. The owner and I became friends and, when it was apparent he was afraid of the car and hated driving it, I ended up taking over driving duties 90% of the time we...
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    What was your first car?

    1961 Triumph TR3, black with red interior. Took my first driving test in this one. No side windows, windshield comes off with a couple of bolts on each side. That hole in the bottom of the front grill is actually for a hand crank to start the engine if the battery is dead! Not the greatest car...
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    music room faux pas

    I buy reels of cable and cut them to size, then put Neutrik ends on them as needed. The resultant cables cost about a third of what you pay at Guitar Center. My current set of amps and cabinets use Speakon connectors, but when using legacy amps/cabs, I have reels of cables (speaker cable, that...
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    Why don’t amps provide a 9v supply?

    I've seen it, but it mostly didn't make sense to me. If your amp head is in the backline and the pedalboard is front of stage, you've got a fairly long cable to deal with.
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    Stainless Steel vs Nickel Silver, Do You Hear A Difference

    When they first began to show up, some folks thought they had a slight "ping." I now have a small stack of guitars with stainless frets, and they show up on guitars these days all the time. If there's a difference, my ears haven't made note of it.
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    What’s your most revered reverb?

    All good. I have a ton of reverb choices on the Helix Floor, and the Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B. has a surprisingly good reverb setup built in.
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    I want a Gibson SG

    In several decades of guitar buying, I've liked *looking* at the SG, but have no interest in buying one. Came close once to picking up a brand new three-pickup Custom. "Rad," indeed. But in the end, I've always backed away. Almost every one I picked up was neck-heavy (yeah, I know the "buy a...
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    Just curious, how old were you...

    Still not a factor at all.
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    Volume knob - does it affect sound?

    Volume knobs enable the exor.
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    Volume knob - does it affect sound?

    Some people don't give you credit when you make the obvious absolutely perfectly crystal clear. In any case, you don't get credit for "satire" when cleverness is not present.
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    Volume knob - does it affect sound?

    I think it's been true since I picked up my first guitar decades ago. Probably still true.
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    Anybody See Rick Allen Was Attacked Outside His Hotel?

    Word is he was out of his mind drunk. Cleveland is just a Florida Man breeding ground.
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    Splitting the Fender ‘65 Twin Reverb Ri

    Time to find a roadie. Or Roadette. In any case, this is MUCH easier than what I had to deal with starting out -- a Hammond B3, Leslie cabinet, Fender Rhodes 88 and a Vox SuperBeatle (with the chrome tilt-a-stand).
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    Foster Kitty Girl is silent...

    My big orange man cat talks to me all the time, but honestly, he was pretty quiet for a long time. These days he yaks nonstop when his food bowl is low. Cats in the wild aren't very noisy, for the most part -- they only get that way when they've been around humans for a while.
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    Do we like Tom Anderson guitars?

    Why should WE like Anderson guitars? Just kidding. I'm not only familiar with them; I have a couple, and I have some of his pickups in a V from another builder. I've had the ones I own for quite a while, so I'm not impacted by current pricing.
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    Splitting the Fender ‘65 Twin Reverb Ri

    I've seen this done, and honestly, the guy had MORE difficulty transporting the result than he did hauling the original around. Remember that you're actually ADDING wood to the combination. Frankly, I haven't found separates (head and speaker cabinet) all that much easier to transport. It's...
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    Fretboard material - does it affect sound?

    Dunno -- most of my guitars have ebony fretboards.
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    NGD: finally a LP style ergonomic?!

    I ordered the Axcess in Custom (white binding, MOP inlays, ebony f/b) about a dozen years ago, and haven't kept up with the prices. At the time it was around $4K in black. Gibson's custom shop wanted about $1760 additional for a good figured top with a burst finish. The Gibson heel is probably...
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    NGD: finally a LP style ergonomic?!

    Nice guitar. But I'm not sure that "finally" applies, as if there weren't already others out there. The Yamaha Weddington has been mentioned already. Hard to find these days. The Gibson Axcess looks like a standard LP from the front, but has a carved heck heel, tummy cut, thinner body and is...
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    Gibson has traditionally potted the pickups that come with guitars, but left the pickups that you buy separately as aftermarket (bubble packs, etc.) UNpotted. I have no idea if that's still their policy.
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    Custom Bass Cab

    Couple of comments: Porting works best when it's coordinated with the volume of the cabinet. If you've reduced the volume of the cabinet, porting changes. Worth noting that, for the most part, simply cutting holes in the cabinet doesn't constitute porting. Rather than covering the cabinet...
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    I did the unthinkable...

    My first-ever guitar (and my second as well) was a 335. Both late '60's. Still have them.
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    When did you decide to get a Fender?

    Honestly, I've mostly stayed *away* from Fenders. I have one Squier bass (Skull Bass). *Everything* else I own (last count was over 50 guitars) was made by someone NOT Fender. There was no plan in this, really. I've just been drawn to other brands. I've never been a fan of bolt-neck guitars...