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  1. Papa Che

    White Pickguards Are Boring

    Love the One ply! :D
  2. Papa Che

    Lollar Special T set

    Let me update this thread; I think I’ve found what this guitar was missing! I set the intonation saddles just slightly flat (compensating with tuning) and the guitar tone changed from slightly plasticky to very buttery, chewy, dynamic. Now these Special T shine! Strings are still 10’s. No need...
  3. Papa Che

    Different Pickups in a Strat?

    Here is my very first electric. Can’t tell if this pickup combo “sound good” but it certainly works. Need nicer sounding pickups as these don’t sound good to my ears. However the string to string balance is good even though they don’t align perfectly with those magnets. (Goldfoil neck, tele...
  4. Papa Che

    I think I'm done. (with CS Texas Specials)

    Indeed if folks you play with prefer standard E tuning then tuning down is not an option. Slightly going into a flat intonation can work for some guitars. Did on my blue Tele. I just could not get my Lollar Special T bridge sound nice and even the string rattle was irritating. I think I might...
  5. Papa Che

    I think I'm done. (with CS Texas Specials)

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this but here we go; I haven’t tried those pickups but buy the sound of many demos you actually have good pickups for a fat sound. What can help you is finding the proper intonation for that very Strat of yours. You could tune down to D Standard (with 10’s or...
  6. Papa Che

    That finicky Tele pickup height!

    I’ve had humbuckers, P90’s, Strat pickups, Goldfoil, Filtertron, but none gave me more headaches than the Tele pickups when it comes to finding the best sounding pickup height. I mean really it can take long time until I get it. Hence rushing into judging the Tele pickup tone is a no-no for at...
  7. Papa Che

    Lollar Special T set

    I don’t play much clean. “Always on” drive pedal is my way. That being said I’m liking the middle position the most and neck pickup too. The bridge pickup seem my least favourite for some reason. This makes me think if to keep the neck and buy maybe the J Street instead for bridge position? Or...
  8. Papa Che

    How’s your string supply?

    String change is an infernal thing! Nothing better than good auld strings thumping along.
  9. Papa Che

    Are you happy with your playing skills?

    I’m at the stage of being able to noodle up and down the whole neck but can’t play anything really. Need to invest into a guitar teacher instead of buying gear.
  10. Papa Che

    "Beginner Guitars".

    Beginners guitar is a guitar bought to or by a beginner guitar player who is not yet entirely sure if guitar will remain their true interest. It’s ok to get a guitar as playable as possible but really it’s ridiculous spending a fortune if the beginner looses interest after a few months. When I...
  11. Papa Che

    How long did it take you to find your perfect Strat?

    However my perfect Strat (as in a Fender) was my very first one! It’s just a dream! Vintera 50’s Strat. Before that one I tried the Vintera 60’s Strat but didn’t gel with it. Returned that one back to the shop and ordered the 50’s which is a dream come true.
  12. Papa Che

    How long did it take you to find your perfect Strat?

    My first ST style guitar was a Harley Benton ST-20 in sunburst. Bought a bundle with their cheap CG-15 solid state amp in 2014. Back then had no clue about anything. Knew not about the existence of pedals, tube amps, pickup styles , … was properly dumb :D But this guitar was playable out of the...
  13. Papa Che

    Suggest good sounding small bass combo

    My bass is not shielded hence noise when not touching the metal parts. Test driving the amp with a P-bass Shorty
  14. Papa Che

    Suggest good sounding small bass combo

    Received my new tiny combo! Loads of lovely bottom end and it’s a silent amp. Sounds great in the home scenario! The louder the amp the better it sounds. I just crank it and then regulate volume with my bass guitar. Loads of clean low end. I keep the bass knob at 11 o’clock. I do crank the...
  15. Papa Che

    Funeral Song................whats yours?

    This one is mine!
  16. Papa Che

    The PRS Silver Sky is the best sounding, best playing "Strat" I've ever owned...

    I always thought Silver Sky was a Partcaster?! PRS neck on a ST style body. I like seeing Tele necks on the Strat body and vice verse. It’s nice to shake things up a little!
  17. Papa Che

    Suggest good sounding small bass combo

    Thanks folks! I was looking at Ampeg as well. I fancy having that overdrive however opted for the smaller size amp as I need it to be very easy to remove in an instant if my 1.5 yo son starts making a mess while I’m noodling. Ordered yesterday the smallest Warwick BC10 combo. It’s 8” speaker...
  18. Papa Che

    Good delay pedal recommendations?

    I agree Belle Epoch is just a great delayed tone and even nice preamp tone if you set it that way (internal switch). But I would also stack another delay to get that multi tape delayed effect. I place the TC Flashback before Epoch for such delays. Gotta have at least 2 OD and 2 Delay pedals on...
  19. Papa Che

    Suggest good sounding small bass combo

    Thank you all! I see Rumble 40 winning here. Interesting no one is mentioning Hartke HD series? Or the Warwick combos? Are these that bad? Let's say Rumble 40 is over the budget I aimed for (and a bit too big). I have no band nor will I play bass in a band. Home/practice use only. I record...
  20. Papa Che

    Suggest good sounding small bass combo

    I need a good sounding but portable bass practice amp. Need to be able to move it fast due to my young kids. Thank you.
  21. Papa Che

    Listening to punk

    Another good one!
  22. Papa Che

    Listening to punk

    Really good live show! (Ignore the audience)
  23. Papa Che

    Lollar Special T set

    I have a feeling that Royal T in the neck would really be up my alley with the Special T bridge. Maybe I will buy it next year and test. … it’s good the next year is around the corner! :D
  24. Papa Che

    Lollar Special T set

    Loving this Lollar set. Previously had CS 51 Nocasters but they lacked a bit more punch in this guitar. These Specials are really full and big sounding. Also have top end without shrillness. This is a clean demo and then later I add some modulation. All 3 positions are very usable and well...
  25. Papa Che

    Shorty P Bass anyone?

    Here is my cheapo Harley Benton Shorty P-bass plugged into a Harley Benton CG 15 watt solid amp. 6.5 inch speaker I think it is and fuzzes out nicely on low volume. Guitar players must bend strings!