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    Natural “Hippie” finish?

    Wow that is a fantastic looking guitar just like it is! In 75 or 76 our guitar player just sanded his down, it took quite an effort. While he was sanding he said "Man, that is some hot wood" Unfortunately, that became the name of our band for about four years or so. Hotwood. Anyone have...
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    How old were you when you started playing guitar?

    13 or 14 My step brother was in a band, they rehearsed in our bedroom. I always watched, at the end of every rehearsal I was told "Don't touch anything" That worked well.
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    G'day from Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome to the show, great looking guitars.
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    Hello from Kansas

    Welcome from Colorado
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    my first instrumental

    Wow sounds great! I'm not a gammer but the video is also great.
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    At home with the flu

    Flu sucks
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    Problem Custom Shop Strat, need help!

    If you're still here, welcome to the forum and I hope Fender will fix your guitar. Let us know.
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    NGD - Les Paul Standard 60s Lemonburst

    Happy new guitar day, it looks great! I'm not a numerologist, but I like the 11-11-22 date as well.
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    USA Squire with 4 Digit Serial Number

    Just don't mess with it if you are uncomfortable taking it apart, it's just a guitar. I don't understand why a lot of people think that is necessary.
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    Well I haven't heard that one in a while.. Not my favorite era.
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    Happy new guitar day, that one looks great. I have two Dot's, very nice guitars.
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    Is This Jazz?

    Sounds jazzy to me.
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    Anyone have a guitar safe?

    Insure them.
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    Happy new guitar day.
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    new guitar amplifier day

    Nice setup.
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    Traded my Gibson Les Paul Standard for this:

    Thanks for listening. Did you check out Chocolate Chip Pancakes? One of my favs.
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    Some say your vehicle.

    I rented one of those on a business trip one time. I thought it was a pretty decent car.
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    Some say your vehicle.

    I've got a muscle car and a hotrod, but my daily is a 97 Toyota Tacoma, been driving it since new. It currently has 113,000 miles on it. I may drive it the rest of my life.
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    Recycle bottle with cap on

    I would bet it is.
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    One week in.

    Good for yo @Higgins1980 , I couldn't do it, as a matter of fact, I'm going for my second cup now.
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    One summer day in 1988...

    Couldn't agree more.
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    Replacing strings in a hurry

    I always took at least two guitars to a gig to avoid such things.
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    The Lounge Downtown.

    Very nice. I too like the steel guitar.
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    Late NGD

    I'm not normally a fan of anodized guards, but yours looks great. Happy new guitar day.