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  1. Nadnitram

    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    I got a cheap guitar strap.
  2. Nadnitram

    Tell me about parlor guitars…

    I've never owned a parlor guitar, but I occasionally see a listing locally for a Recording King "0." Since I love my two Recording King dreadnoughts, a six-string and a twelve, I figure RK might be a way to find out how much I'd like a parlor without breaking the bank. If memory serves...
  3. Nadnitram

    Sister Golden Hair, America 1975

    First song I ever played & sang in front of anyone! Nice job, my man.
  4. Nadnitram

    Having trouble selling a nice Tele and have no clue why?

    Teles are usually quick sellers, often so quick that sellers don't try to haggle much. I have noticed recently that my local market has really gone quiet. A shop near me has a used MIM Strat listed for for $400. Prices have been really high since 2020 -- Is the market correcting?
  5. Nadnitram

    Day 20

    Man, that's tough. I hope you get some relief soon. My 16-year-old has had a couple this semester that have lasted 1-2 weeks. I can't imagine a month.
  6. Nadnitram

    add a question

    If the Who gets the money earned by the first bassman, how much of it goes to John Entwistle?
  7. Nadnitram

    add a question

    No, I mean when you pay off the first baseman at the end of the month, who gets the money?
  8. Nadnitram

    New Band Names

    Get Off My Lawn!
  9. Nadnitram

    add a question

    All I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name on first base?
  10. Nadnitram

    add a question

    Should that have been sent to my unicorn folder?
  11. Nadnitram

    New classic Vibe!

    Beauty! Who cares what I would do? I've gotten rid of guitars because I didn't like slotted tuners. I've gotten rid of guitars because I didn't like gold hardware. And I quite like the cream-colored pearloid pick guard on my Strat. You do what makes sense to you, my brother!
  12. Nadnitram

    SE Silver Sky serious thread....what sets them apart, if anything?

    I haven't had any luck with this particular manufacturer. How many Fords would I have to buy and dislike before I get to stop buying Fords.
  13. Nadnitram

    Franchin Guitars? Partscaster Trade Value?

    Partscasters are usually assembled or modded to fit the preferences of the owner. Since every player doesn't share those preferences, it can be tough to recoup your investment. This is different. This is a Gilmour replica built from parts designed for Gilmour replicas. The fact that those...
  14. Nadnitram

    SE Silver Sky serious thread....what sets them apart, if anything?

    I have neither owned nor tried a Silver Sky, but I would be hesitant to try another PRS. The SE Custom 24 I owned never felt right, and I couldn't get it to sound good. I've since played a Tremonti SE and a Santana SE and I felt the same way about them. Maybe it's because I play clean -- maybe...
  15. Nadnitram

    What's your go-to sound?

    However, if you met half my family, you'd be tempted to think
  16. Nadnitram

    Identifying my old Stratocaster

    When I searched "online dating," I was not expecting to end up here.
  17. Nadnitram


    Would "Strong, Beefy Overtone" be the name of a debut album? Perhaps a new effects pedal? Or maybe the thing that makes a PRS Silver Sky so delightful?
  18. Nadnitram

    add a question

    Is there any other kind? Do you mean a decrepit bellboy who could barely get my suitcases to the room?
  19. Nadnitram

    Looking to buy this "Squire", is this fake? Thanks!

    I think the angle in pics can make things look wonky that ain't. My experience with the Affinity Strat is old, from at least a dozen years ago --the body was too thin, the nut too narrow for my liking. But I have read that they are much netter now. I tend to follow my gut instinct. If you're...
  20. Nadnitram

    Looking to buy this "Squire", is this fake? Thanks!

    My guess is Affinity. Shape, decal, string tree, split-shaft tuners all seem to match. Affinity has the two-point bridge, to, but do I agree that the saddle screws are concerning.
  21. Nadnitram

    I never thought I'd block someone in this forum

    If I remember correctly, @monte merrick's account was hijacked. The real Monte had a devil of a time getting his access back. You may have blocked the impostor.
  22. Nadnitram

    RIP David Crosby

    Man, that one hits hard.
  23. Nadnitram

    add a question

    (Should we all secretly agree to not respond to this question?)
  24. Nadnitram

    Traded my Gibson Les Paul Standard for this:

    Welcome. If the values are close, a guitar you love and will play the heck out of is usually worth a trade. Congrats on a WIN!