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  1. arct

    Has anyone seen this sticker in a Fender Stratocaster?

    The Silver Sky has a much better quality sticker in there. rct
  2. arct

    Brass "guitar" Nut

    It's the 80's again. Still. rct
  3. arct

    Seymour Duncan: Who knew?

    We called an audible and went up the expressway on our way out, so didn't go by there but yeah, that's about it, only worse last time we saw it. Last time Mrs and I ate at Woodstown diner was when we went down to Woodstown theater and saw Close Encounters. Stopped at the diner after. Drove up...
  4. arct

    Seymour Duncan: Who knew?

    atjerseyjawnzdope* rct *Many members will no doubt need a Philly->English translator to work that one out.
  5. arct

    Seymour Duncan: Who knew?

    Oh man, out of business forever, the Richmans in Woodbury Heights has been gone forever too, I don't know about the one over in Sewell/Washington Township. The one on 40 was a good building, but it is just rotting into the ground. I'll have a look at it tomorrow. rct
  6. arct

    Seymour Duncan: Who knew?

    That one on 40 was their best place. It's very sad to see it for the last 25 years. Going by there tomorrow on our way out of the state. rct
  7. arct

    Seymour Duncan: Who knew?

    In 1980 when I got married we lived in West Deptford NJ, I worked at PNSY and Mrs at Campbell Soup up in Camden. I had a 72 Telecaster Custom and wanted to change the giant front pickup. The music store I taught lessons at night gave me a phone number to Seymour Duncan, see if they made one...
  8. arct

    California Series Strat

    My #1. 97 California Fat Tele. Dated March 3rd 1997, I bought it Thursday afternoon the 27th, took it out that Friday and Saturday. It's been to almost every gig since, it's been on every recording I've done since, it is my third arm. The neck, the crappy nut and tree, the body and still...
  9. arct

    Fender Esquire CS Time Machine 04 of 04

    CS Time Machine guitar is one that was put in a Time Machine in some year or other and brought out today. That stamp is not something I've ever seen on any CS guitar ever. But that doesn't mean anything. Not enough information without seeing the neck and insides and stuff. One problem, to...
  10. arct

    Random Guitar Picture Pls

  11. arct

    Rolled fret board.

    Paul Reed tap rolls them to select pitch for me. rct
  12. arct

    Guitar rack recommendations…

    I've had a couple of these for a long time. spensive but well worth it. rct
  13. arct

    I remember when this was mandatory in school .

    Ok, well... My pre-CBS recorders were way better. rct
  14. arct

    I remember when this was mandatory in school .

    Earache my eye. rct
  15. arct

    Naylor Speakers?

    Mid 90's amps and cabs. Booteek. Vanished into the mists of guitar time like so many others. Brian Naylor, but I could mis-remember that. rct
  16. arct

    Show us what you're playin' today

    Too heavy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 rct
  17. arct

    Truss rod worry

    Well I'm glad someone else said it. I rarely touch trusses, lots of gigging guitars in my life, rarely. My current #1 is 25 years old and has had the truss moved three times it's entire life. rct
  18. arct

    Show us what you're playin' today

    '04 AS Jazz, Sunset Transparent Orange on Ash. Heavy, but an absolute delight to play. rct
  19. arct

    Not checking necks for twists

    Never. It doesn't happen enough to waste the brain space on it. rct
  20. arct

    Truss rod worry

    No thinking. Relief is a measurement, it is by design a number you use to achieve a properly functioning neck. Before you buy a dehumidifier, buy a capo and some feeler gauges, set the relief properly and above all, measure it each time you change strings and you will more than likely find it...
  21. arct


    That guy that was in that other movie gets killed. rct
  22. arct

    Vicarious N.A.D. (rare 70s amp).

    Neither. Did you trade your sense of humor for your last guitar? rct
  23. arct

    Vicarious N.A.D. (rare 70s amp).

    Who cares? That full page Music Man plays Music Man ad in Guitar Player was dyamite. rct
  24. arct

    Vicarious N.A.D. (rare 70s amp).

    Oh I don't know the exact same amp or not. I do remember two places that had examples of the CMI rack looking thingys like that. Clanky. Super Mids, that's what I remember. Heavy. I think they were expensive too. I could be remembering a different amp, different take on the same idea, but...