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  1. Stratoman10

    Random Guitar Picture Pls

    That looks like the strap I just took off of my Tele
  2. Stratoman10

    I dont how to describe this

    Well so much for that...
  3. Stratoman10

    I dont how to describe this

  4. Stratoman10

    Random Guitar Picture Pls

    You don't see many of these. I was considering one but ended up not going for it. So how do you like it ?
  5. Stratoman10

    A shot in the dark before a pickup swap

    That is one that comes to mind if I do go that route. I'm normally not a fan of the swap game, it can get expensive pretty quick but other than that I really like this guitar
  6. Stratoman10

    A shot in the dark before a pickup swap

    The They aren't awful but they're pretty one dimensional. They do an in your face rock tone pretty well but they don't clean up well. Backed off a bit they just are kind of there. Pretty bland IOW. I have 57 Classics in two other guitars which I really like but I dont need three. So we'll see...
  7. Stratoman10

    A shot in the dark before a pickup swap

    I bought my first Gibson, a 2013 Std prob six years ago. After the new car smell wore off I decided I really didn't like The sound as much as I thought I did. So it sits off in the corner by itself a lot. So before I go through the pickup swap rabbit hole I decided to follow my own advice about...
  8. Stratoman10

    Tube amp decision

    Blackstar has a few amps you might like in that price range
  9. Stratoman10

    Why are amplifier’s so. $$$

    Mesa makes good stuff for sure. They take a bit of dialing in though. You get them about 90 percent dialed in fairly easily but the last little bit can take some small twists. But worth it when you get there
  10. Stratoman10

    Why are amplifier’s so. $$$

    I have a Rectoverb 10/25 that I got two or three years ago I just got a MarkV 25 about two months ago I run a Peavey 1-12 cab with a V 30 for the Recto. Originally bought the closed back Thiele for it. Bad move The Mark V has a 23 inch wide body Mesa cab. That one I really like
  11. Stratoman10

    Why are amplifier’s so. $$$

    My latest Mesa along with the cab was just slightly less than one of myLPs. The HK I'm about to start getting the money together for, including cab and footswitch will about the same as a new Strat. All in all my amps and guitars are pretty equal price wise depending on which ones I pick
  12. Stratoman10

    How’s you back?

    Commercial masonry 30+ years. My back has been shot for 20 of them
  13. Stratoman10

    Since it was laying around

    Decided to switch straps on the Tele. The solid one is nice and comfortable but the Levy strap does look nice. Originally bought for a Les Paul but the strap knobs are too small. After I almost dropped the LP that strap went in the closet for a few years
  14. Stratoman10

    Released our first album a few weeks ago

    So no physical copies which was I really meant to say. I have the attention span of a gnat on YT. I do my best listening in the car or with headphones while I'm walking
  15. Stratoman10

    Anyone have a guitar safe?

    For fire maybe
  16. Stratoman10

    Released our first album a few weeks ago

    So how do we get to hear it ?
  17. Stratoman10

    The good old stereo system !

    Way long ago the best stereo I ever had was a 50 watt Kenwood system. Sounded pretty great Now I have a couple of Sony 5.1.1 setups. Those are freaking sweet, especially with 5.1 surround. No turntable though. But plenty of vinyl with no space for a turntable. I keep telling myself I'm just...
  18. Stratoman10

    I got a cool book in the mail

    The closest I come to vintage is my 1999, 2000 AmStd Strat. Everything else is '13-'19
  19. Stratoman10

    New Band Names

    The Geritolics
  20. Stratoman10

    Seeking battery source

    I saw a bunch on Amazon
  21. Stratoman10

    Whew !

    I keep my work boots in my trunk. One morning while putting them on I set my phone on the bumper. I pick somebody up that lives about 15 minutes away and I take some higher speed roads with turns and bumps to get there. Pulled up and realized my phone wasn't on the dash holder. It stayed on my...
  22. Stratoman10

    Have you ever had a guitar make you rethink everything?

    Glad you found one that you've bonded with. The fact that you made it yourself is the cherry on top But I'd wait awhile before I started dumping my other guitars. Let the new car smell wear off then see where you are
  23. Stratoman10

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

    Nice when when an unplanned plan works 👍