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  1. madmtnmotors

    Ah ****!

    I would dowel the hole in the body and use a short screw to "fill out" the holes in the neck plate. It could always be drilled out later if a different neck is used. EZPZ :cool:
  2. madmtnmotors

    Sociopath Next Door ... The Saga Ccontinues

    But I don't live in Austin... 😁 Best of luck to you rolandson, just the stress of this type of situation can make recovery from serious health issues even more difficult than it has to be. Sounds like things are improving and hopefully justice will be served. Sounds like you might have the...
  3. madmtnmotors

    Not checking necks for twists

    Deliberately twisted:
  4. madmtnmotors

    Fret King guitars: opinions?

    Looks to be well built, and according to Wikipedia "Other notable users of Fret-King branded guitars include Jeff Brown of Cats In Space" What more do you need? 😁 😎
  5. madmtnmotors

    Please DELETE my membership in this forum

    Your posts are forever preserved in infamy. What happens on the web stays on the web... 😈
  6. madmtnmotors

    Some jokes are so bad !

    A snake walks into a bar, the bartender says "How'd you do that???" :rolleyes: 😁
  7. madmtnmotors

    Getting Some Information

    Hardware is easy and relatively inexpensive. I use stainless steel screws wherever possible when reassembling. New hardware looks good and when combined with a decent fret level/polish/cleaning and setup can make a world of difference in looks and performance. :cool:
  8. madmtnmotors

    I got a problem (And I made it myself :0)

    The fact that such large areas chipped away so readily makes me think that the original surface prep was not done correctly. If the surface is too smooth (i.e. final sanded with 400 grit or higher) then when the finish is applied there's not enough "grip" for the finish to latch onto. I would...
  9. madmtnmotors

    New job or new new job?

    I thought they were (in order): 1) Old job: too much of a part time gig 2) New job: too many miles on personal vehicle 3) New new job: boss copped an attitude when called out for altering time card and fired you (the ba$****!) 4) Staffing agency Sounds like the staffing agency is a good...
  10. madmtnmotors

    New job or new new job?

    Good luck with the job search. Skilled trades are still in high demand and I believe you will find something soon. Even if it is just something to pay the bills until the "right" one comes along!
  11. madmtnmotors

    Sale or Trade Pay it forward 2022.

    Interested in the tube screamer and a set of patch cables. PM forthcoming, thanks for posting!
  12. madmtnmotors

    suggestions for powerful laptop?

    Video editing is demanding on the processor, so processor specs would be a primary consideration. Look for the fastest quad core Intel of the most current generation. Video editing is one of the few types of computing that is capable of parallel processing and really benefits from multiple...
  13. madmtnmotors

    Ellen Plays Bass

    Her giddy enthusiasm cracks me up. She clearly enjoys what she is doing and has the potential to go far.
  14. madmtnmotors

    New job or new new job?

    Seniority is nice, but you haven't been at the "New" job long enough for that to be a consideration. Construction/Skilled Tradesmen are in high demand everywhere as baby boomers retire there aren't enough replacements for them. Everybody wants a degree and a desk job these days, many of whom...
  15. madmtnmotors

    Sub-Tropical Storm Nicole

    The eye passed right over the house about 5:30 this morning. No damage, not much rain, never lost power. Working remotely today, probably back in the office tomorrow. Hoping everyone else fares well.
  16. madmtnmotors

    Sale or Trade Pay it forward 2022.

    I am interested. Picked up a Tele body a while back, just need some hardware to proceed! PM forthcoming, thanks for posting.
  17. madmtnmotors

    Sub-Tropical Storm Nicole

    Hurricane "Prep" kit is complete: Hope everyone fares well.
  18. madmtnmotors

    only 2 types of people

    There are 10 types of people... those that understand binary numbers and those that don't.
  19. madmtnmotors

    I’m open to suggestions.

    I would use a wooden plug with a low profile, rounded top, and a shoulder to fit inside the hole. Stain it close to the same color (or any other color you like) and secure it with a screw and washer into the plug from the back side. You can always remove it later returning the body to it's...
  20. madmtnmotors

    Wife had covid and pneumonia

    Must be nice... I can take as much time off as my wallet can afford. Lonn, Hopefully yours and your wife's symptoms remain mild and you both recover quickly. Plenty of rest and fluids!
  21. madmtnmotors

    why i stay away from 'nextdoor'

    I had to drop out of the neighborhood Facepalm page for the same reason...
  22. madmtnmotors

    I know it’s just an output jack…

    Compared to this guy you are a Grand Master:
  23. madmtnmotors

    Hilariously bad relic jobs ruining decent guitars - Pictures please!
  24. madmtnmotors

    Self-Aware at Google, but still can't get a benefits package.

    And they are the ones programming the AI... :eek:
  25. madmtnmotors

    Why do they answer???

    Sounds familiar... "Wasn't that a party? Someone took a grapefruit and wore it like a hat, I saw someone under my kitchen table, talking to my old tom cat, They were talking about hockey and the cat was talkin' back, Along about then everything went black,"