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  1. Deebs3

    Anyone familiar with the “Burnt” Corona limited edition circa 2013?

    Well here's the certificate of the one that truetone sold, although it says 79 were made, so i don't know..
  2. Deebs3

    Anyone familiar with the “Burnt” Corona limited edition circa 2013?

    It's burnt ash, solid walnut neck, I got this info off truetone music website and Mr Google.
  3. Deebs3

    Anyone familiar with the “Burnt” Corona limited edition circa 2013?

    Well a quick search shows they are indeed a limited run of 79 strats from 2012, one on reverb for $3500US, one at truetone music was $2199, so maybe worth somewhere between those 2. I've never heard of one, Very nice guitar for sure,,
  4. Deebs3

    Ron Kirn Seen On Reverb

    There is a Ron Kirn tele for sale here on gumtree in Australia, fantastic looking guitar ($2200AUS), it it wasn't 2 states away I would look at it.
  5. Deebs3

    Mr. Beck

    Apparently this is the pick he handed out at gigs..
  6. Deebs3

    Who is the Strat player in this picture?

    Looks more like Neil Young to me :D
  7. Deebs3


    Nectar of the Gods..... the secret is to only use a very small amount. Spread it very thinly, you don't just jam a spoonful in your mouth ( or perhaps some of you do?)
  8. Deebs3

    I never thought I'd block someone in this forum

    Don't you block all the gummie people?
  9. Deebs3


    Yes, they have different thread dimensions. 10-32 for American strats and 6mm for MIM strats. Subtle but enough to cause major problems.
  10. Deebs3

    Cream or white strat knobs and pup covers

    I don't like bright white on anything, have always preferred parchment, i have coffeed many pickup covers but it is impossible to match the pickguard and results vary a lot.
  11. Deebs3

    Wheres that confounded bridge?

    It's always in the last place you left it..
  12. Deebs3

    Weird color pickguards... Show yours!

    I don't know where this guard came from, it was on it when I bought it. But it's cool.
  13. Deebs3

    Interesting SRV recording

    I have that Nashville CD and a heap of other recordings, I'll have a go and go through all my recordings, although my first impression is I haven't heard that Dirty Pool before
  14. Deebs3

    Mike Campbell: Master of the Bang-for-the-Buck Guitar Lick

    He does seem a little "bohemian?".. not that there is anything wrong with that..
  15. Deebs3

    Mike Campbell: Master of the Bang-for-the-Buck Guitar Lick

    Fantastic, I've been catching up on petty and dirty knobs all week, all the best.
  16. Deebs3

    Why do so many people believe they need all the sustain they can get from their guitars?

    Here is Gary Moore playing the Supernatural, it seems like he has infinite sustain here.
  17. Deebs3

    Question for YouTube pros

    So does YouTube know what you song you are uploading because of the file name or is someone listening and then flagging tracks? So for eg I just watched an Anderson's video on how to sound like Knopfler but they didn't mention the name of any of the riffs or tracks, is that ok?
  18. Deebs3

    What is the deal with strat vintage trem arm spring "shot?"

    I have never seen a shot in any of my strats and only heard of it recently here on this site. I have never seen them for sale until recently, but it sounds like they could be very useful, i am keen to try some.
  19. Deebs3

    Yeah that ups the resale value.

    I find taping sandpaper to my belt buckle makes it happen much faster...
  20. Deebs3

    Mick Taylor slide .

    I love Mick Taylors debut solo album,it's got some fantastic slide, he is my favourite slide player.
  21. Deebs3

    Trem arm alternatives? (Jack Blade)

    If only there was some sort of arm thing you could attach to it so you could use it while playing...
  22. Deebs3

    What’s this button do on an American Deluxe Strat?

    I have only seen it on HSS models. But not all HSS.
  23. Deebs3


    Tis the day before Xmas here, the day that all the dad's do their shopping.
  24. Deebs3

    BootStraps .

    From what I have read during my few years here on the forum, they would be your first choice for independent (=boutique?) pickups, if I was in the US I would def get some.
  25. Deebs3

    Being cold .

    Of course on the other side of the globe we have a pretty nice summer in Oz for Xmas, seems to have cooled down a bit I also would never drive a convertible, the sun here will fry your brain before you can get out of first gear.