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  1. Tsjackson

    This is probably a stupid question…

    Yeah I assumed that a 22.5” scale mustang body would be slightly different to a 24” mustang body, but my guitar fret/scale/measurement maths is poor and thought it could’ve been more cost effective for fender to make one mustang body but 2 neck scales, one of them accounting for the change in...
  2. Tsjackson

    This is probably a stupid question…

    Regarding fender mustangs… When they were offered in 22.5 and 24 inch scale, were the bodies the same and the neck change the scale? Or were the shorter scale bodies slightly different to the longer scale bodies. Basically, if I got a 22.5” scale mustang neck and put it on a modern (24”...
  3. Tsjackson

    Songs about the sun

  4. Tsjackson

    Mash the best parts of your guitars into one mega guitar

    your sg p90 is lovely, sorry I’ve not played the game properly I might have a go later. But your sg has distracted me
  5. Tsjackson

    We lost a valuable member - Au revoir Ryan !

    Rest in peace guitarmageddon
  6. Tsjackson

    One piece Body blank weight relief

    For the first time I’ve married up the body with the neck, there’s still frets and tuners to go on the neck but also a bit of material to remove from the back so I’m going to assume this will be a fairly accurate measurement for the finished product. 4.2kg, which I believe is about 9.25lb...
  7. Tsjackson

    One piece Body blank weight relief

    Yeah one day when space and money allows it I would be happy with another clean, dry ventilated shed exclusively for spraying. But until that day my slowly growing pile of things that need spraying will have to wait until spring haha
  8. Tsjackson

    One piece Body blank weight relief

    Thanks! I’m quite happy with it, my only real quibble is that I’d like it to be high gloss but that’s something il have to do next year as I’ve only got outside to spray in. And every single bit of shaping and sanding I’ve done so far I’ve thought ‘I could really do with a bobbin sander/spindle...
  9. Tsjackson

    One piece Body blank weight relief

    i will be doing something like this in a few projects time, for no real reason I was interested in doing a one piece body. After I’ve finished the neck for this tele I’m planning a through neck jazzmaster and then was contemplating a thinline of some sort. A good excuse for me to buy a bandsaw!
  10. Tsjackson

    Best Soldering Iron for Pickup Changes (UK)

    I spent ages getting furious at how hard soldering was, using ‘cheap’ irons from screwfix and the local hardware shop… and then decided to spend a tenner more and get one of these and it’s been a game changer. Shop around, mine was £30 I think but order a few spare tips as the ones that come...
  11. Tsjackson

    Music Master Bass Amp

    I had one and absolutely loved it, just had the poor thing dimed at gigs and rehearsals and it sounded monsterous. Would buy another in a heartbeat if they hadn’t nearly doubled in price since I sold mine… that and they’re pretty rare here in the U.K. Have fun with it
  12. Tsjackson

    WRHB in a Stratocaster?

    I was very close to doing this a few months ago, I would’ve put it in the neck position (routing the body is unavoidable) but would’ve probably had the WRHB go to a 1 Meg volume pot and no tone, and then the remaining strat pickups go to 250k pots volume and tone. There are some very affordable...
  13. Tsjackson

    One piece Body blank weight relief

    An update, I’ve assembled it with my strat neck just to see what it’s like and as usual I’ve gotten impatient. I’ve had a right arse trying to finish it, was hoping to get a flat gloss finish using oil (osmo) but I think the timber itself is too oily and it’s not allowing the oil to dry as im...
  14. Tsjackson

    Boston Massachusetts

    Im heading to america this afternoon for a wedding, flying to Logan, driving to New Hampshire for the wedding and back to Boston on Sunday night. Me and my wife will be in Boston (back bay I believe) for around 24 hours. Any recommendations of guitar shops I can try and “accidentally” stumble...
  15. Tsjackson

    Would this be considered a travel guitar?

    The description says something along the lines of “a true one of a kind, only 400 made” Which is just silly
  16. Tsjackson

    Would this be considered a travel guitar?

    Just found this nonsense on eBay,
  17. Tsjackson


    That’s one of my favourite colour combos, happy incoming new guitar day
  18. Tsjackson

    Birth Year Stratocaster

    i think the American series from then are the best, id be enthused haha
  19. Tsjackson

    Birth Year Stratocaster

    I had one, 89 MIJ st-67. I bought it for more than I should’ve because it was a birth year guitar, it was good but not the one. I think it’s a cool reason to gun for a specific guitar, but don’t assume it will be a keeper just because it’s your age.
  20. Tsjackson

    Sale or Trade Sold

    That’s a great price and handsome guitar, I’m not in the market at the moment but I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling it. Best of luck with the sale
  21. Tsjackson

    I don’t think this is listed correctly…

    before I even clicked on the listing I saw the lack of bullet, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who isn’t able to ask a knowledgeable forum advice would buy that thinking it’s an American vintage… because that’s what it’s listed as.
  22. Tsjackson

    NGD: 2017 USA FSR 50s ebony fretboard

    I love that ‘undesirable’ streak, very nice guitar