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    Classic Series 50s 60s

    You have a very nice group of Strats
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    NGD - American Ultra

    Very very nice, congratulations
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    Fernandes Strats ??

    Are you looking to buy a specific guitar?
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    Classic Series 50' sounds thin, bright

    Maybe have a more knowledgeable friend check it out
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    My treat for going through hell and selling 2/3rds of my collection over the last 2 years.

    Congratulations on the new guitar, and all the best for the future
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    NGD: Korean Squier KV97, MIK 1997

    Those are good guitars at a great price
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    Be Kind to Somebody Today.

    Yes, we all should.
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    Show me your Heavy Metal Strat

    Great pic! You made me actually laugh out loud
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    2 Week Haul. Not a bad trek.

    That is an amazing haul. 3 beautiful Strats
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    Belated NAD

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    MIA parts on MIJ body/neck?

    It probably would work fine
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    Tone knob on a Strat (turn it down to "8")

    Rolling the volume know down a bit always gives a nice tone
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    Some trees aren't worth parking under

    Yikes. Trees happen
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    NGD 1993/94 American Deluxe Strat Plus

    Congratulation! HNGD
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    Bult another pedal board...

    Very impressive, I think you have all the bases covered
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    EMG strat pickups compariso Did a search -
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    Congratulations Something about a Marshall in white - very classy look
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    Gentlemens Shredder

    Great guitar at a great price, can't beat that Congratulations
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    Pancakes! Chocolate chips! great idea
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    NGD - On the fence, so far

    Wow, three great guitars there. That is a tough call
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    Fender Japan "vs." US made

    Japanese Fenders are very good quality, it's personal preference what would be "better"
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    What’s your favorite fuzz?

    There are too many fuzzes to chose one
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    NGD Epiphone "Black Beauty" Les Paul Custom

    Love the triple pickup Customs, congratulations
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    Thickening Strat Tone

    you might want to try an overdrive pedal that has cascading gain stages, or using 2 low gain overdrives together
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    Blender mod for recent Fender CS: yes or no?

    it's your guitar, do what you like