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  1. StratoStrummer

    Compact single audio monitor

    Do audio monitors always go in pairs? Is there an option to use a single monitor (and also a very compact one) with an usb audio interface? Any suggestion? I use a scarlett solo, but I have always plugged in my headphones, and really know nothing about monitors. So I am sorry for the very...
  2. StratoStrummer

    Taking lessons

    I started to take guitar lessons because I was tired with being unable to reach musical goals that apparently were within my reach. However this decision is improving not only my guitar playing and music knowledge, but many other aspects of my life. I am a happier, healthier and maybe also a...
  3. StratoStrummer

    Improvisation on a blues backing track

    Back to some improvisation after a while. Just beware, it is 5 minutes long but not intended to be listened to entirely! Thank you for letting me know what you think
  4. StratoStrummer

    Whammy bar for a AVRI 70 Stratocaster

    Good evening I am searching for a tremolo bar for this guitar. Could anybody point me to the correct replacement? Or maybe any owner of the model could give me the measures of the thread? Thank you
  5. StratoStrummer

    Remove the no-load tone pot?

    I have kept an humbucker in bridge position for a while in my american standard. Nice but I wanted back the original nature of my Stratocaster. So I ended wiring again the FS1 Dimarzio, that I have used for years. I find it very trebly in comparison, no surprise. So I am thinking to replace the...
  6. StratoStrummer

    Epiphone S-310

    My old Epiphone s-310, my first electric. I gave to a friend, got it back 15 years later. I modded her into something else, plays quite good. Some pictures before and after the work, I thought about it for a month, and did in a hot august night. Ok I am very proud...
  7. StratoStrummer

    Did you teach your kids to play guitar?

    My dream is to play guitar with my daughter and my son, one day. Hopefully, soon. At the moment, they are 6 and 4 yo... I am not that great player, and probably a worse teacher, but I would love to show my kid the pentatonic and the sound of an old big muff. I have already read here some great...
  8. StratoStrummer

    Anybody else is missing

    The site is down, it has been a while now. I read that something similar should be offered now by Ultimate Guit... However I loved it the way it was.
  9. StratoStrummer

    two humbuckers and a volume problem. should I remove the single tone knob?

    Good evening everybody, I recently played again, after several years (yes), my Gibson flying V. Humbuckers are classic 57 at neck and 57 + at bridge position. Pots are Gibson 500k. She has two volumes, one for each of the humbuckers, and a tone which acts only for the bridge pu. The neck pu has...
  10. StratoStrummer

    What do you do for your frets?

    Do you clean them, or polish, and how often? For maple and rosewood fretboards/ for stainless steel frets, or for nickel frets? Any products ot tools you prefer to use? Or do you just leave them alone? What do you do, and for what purpose? sound, playability, etc
  11. StratoStrummer

    fret compound dressing: is it possible without a Plek?

    Hi everybody, This is my first post and let me say I am glad and proud to be here. Lately I've been messing with the setup of my AVRI 70 stratocaster. I had it refretted years ago, and now due to major further fret issues I brought it to the luthier again (not the same one) and refretted again...

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