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  1. amstratnut

    Just found out Jeff Beck will be playing a Casino about an hour away in November!

    Imma try hard for tickets to that. Will invite my son, who plays to come along.
  2. amstratnut

    Here is something you dont see every day!

    My son found this tiny garter snake caught in a black widow web. Trying to remove the web, which is wrapped tightly, without injuring the snake is tricky.
  3. amstratnut

    Amp tilt and/or stands.

    So this is something Ive gone back and forth on. I have some thoughts. I believe tilting the amp gives me a better idea of what the audience is gonna get, as opposed to setting it aimed at my knees. I also believe the floor coupling thing doesnt matter to a microphone so, setting tones with...
  4. amstratnut

    New Sx tele dark neck pickup.

    So I recently got this Nashville style tele from Rondo. Bridge pickup sounds pretty good with tone at about half way. Neck still on the dark side even with tone at 10. Was thinking to disconnect tone at neck, turn up treble on amp for neck and adjust tone on guitar for bridge. Middle pickup...
  5. amstratnut

    Some flamy stuff.

    Call me superficial. I dont care! Iove the way the flame looks on this. Not too much. Just right! Poast yours.
  6. amstratnut

    Hot date to see BOC tonight!

  7. amstratnut

    Floor stands. What do you use?

    I typically buy the cheapo tripod stands with the cradle and neck rest at GC but, they have a ton of options on amazon. The A frame ones are conveniently small but not at easy to use in my opinion. So what you use? Primo, or cheapo or....?
  8. amstratnut

    My random playlist.

    @Dadocaster posted about music he wasnt up on and I was inspired to post some stuff that wasnt super mainstream that Ive enjoyed. Not saying you would never have heard of them but, not often on the radio. The Grays were a short lived 90s band I super liked.
  9. amstratnut

    Some people are freaks!

  10. amstratnut


    Nothing like 72 new picks!
  11. amstratnut

    Drummers! Cymbals! Ouch!

    I just played 2 gigs, one Tuesday, and one Wedesday. In Tuesday our drummer seemed intoxicated. He bashed hard but hit this one ride cymbal a lot. It sounded like ass and drowned out the vocals and guitar every time he used it, which was all day! I dont know much about cymbals except the guy...
  12. amstratnut

    NGD! SX Tele!

    Got an SX Tele and its pretty great. Have not plugged it in yet. Assume electronics are good. Frets not polished. Like leveled and crowned but not smooth. Bound, fit and finish is outstanding. Neck shape is a medium/fat C. Frets are similar to medium jumbo. Not jumbo, like Ive gotten before...
  13. amstratnut

    May have figured out something better than fast fret.

    For many of you it may be a big, duh. I put some mineral oil on a sponge in a plastic container, along with a rag. To me the mineral oil works better. Ive heard it said that fast fret is just mineral oil but, it has a different consistency. With fast fret my fingers didnt slide smoothly...
  14. amstratnut

    Someone left their DRRI at my house.

    Plugged it in and strummed a little. Sounded pretty good. I like my amp better but, its likely just because Im used to it. Plus it has more headroom.
  15. amstratnut

    Gig tomorrow nite has high probability for trainwreck.

    Singer in one of my band's country band fell apart so I agreed to try to learn a bunch of new material for her and cover a gig. Country is definitely not my strong suit. We had two rehearsals that were pretty bad and only covered 1/2 the material. The other 1/2 is songs "we all know" and are...
  16. amstratnut

    A big WOW!

  17. amstratnut

    Prodoctive but not.

    Weed whacked the back yard today. Yay me! Not so fast. A few hours later I noticed the slider to my rehearsal room was shattered. I had inadvertently sent a rock into the sliding door. 😭 😭😭
  18. amstratnut

    Stew Mac 7 bux for saddle screws 4 for retainers, 12 for shipping.

    12 bucks to ship 6 screws and 6 retainers. I would not have ordered from them if I could have found the part anywhere else.
  19. amstratnut

    Katana 100 for 200 bux?

    Local ad has a Karana 100 for 200 bux. Was thinking to grab it as a back up. My son has a 50 and the clean is pretty good. Im guessing its an older model since its only 200. Anything I ought to know about them?
  20. amstratnut

    Couple humbuckers for cheap if you want

    I have a Gibson 490T and a Tonerider A4 bridge pickup. In my drawer. Might as well get some money and buy a pedal. I dont want much money. Say 40 plus shipping for gibson and 30 plus shipping for the tonerider. Fwiw, tonerider is practically new. Ill post pics after work.
  21. amstratnut

    Saw a JM thread about a klon and now have a mosky gold horse incoming. 😃

    It was so cheap I couldnt resist. Ive been obsessing about getting more mids in my bridge lead tone and this seemed like a low risk idea. Also considered an eq but then would have to tap dance and its already bad enough.
  22. amstratnut

    Found a stand that works for double neck.

    For anyone who might be looking. Its a Hercules mini stand but, as you can see holds a large guitar, no problem.
  23. amstratnut

    BOC these days

    They are coming to a casino near me. I have both their live albums and they are among my favorites. I have no idea if they still bring it. Anyone seen them lately?
  24. amstratnut

    Mashall in a box pedal?

    I dont remember if I posted about them here ever so, sorry if its a repeat. I bought a Plexi Drive mini by wampler and was under whelmed. Im looking for a rhythm crunch most accurately described as whatever the dudes in Foreigner used. And hopefully flexibilty to do lead or pair well with my sd1.