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    Doing it myself Nitro Cellulose paint job.

    I just finished buffing out a duplicolor lacquer finish last night. You can do great work with spray cans but you need to be aware of temp and humidity when spraying
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    Replacing player pups

    The stock pickups were pretty decent in my opinion. I have kept the pickguard, I want to clean up the wiring before using it again. I have Bootstrap Sun City's with some tricked out wiring in mine currently. They are brighter, snappier, more vintage than the stock pickups.
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    My opinion on mixing sound for bands wearing shorts

    Get over yourself.. what does any of that have to do with doing your job?
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    Are trolls silly?

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    For Trade Warmoth Neck Swap …what are the odds that …..???

    I have never had any issues with Warmoth necks in 25 plus years using them. Like any other neck from any other mfg, they are likely to need a level. I don't even try to find used anymore. My specs are as common as a cold but have yet to find a used match. 90% of the Warmoth in-stock necks meets...
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    Abundance of riches, or option nightmare: the 3 Strat dilemma

    Switch the leads at the pickup. I saw a stew mac video where the did that
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    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    ZEPPELIN is the last thing I would put on with my lady. I don't need a homing beacon to find my way out of the bush... it's not the 70's anymore
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    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    Yes I am. So what? He wrote something that made you think? What a tragedy..
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    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    What does that have to do with sexy time unless you are doin' Robert? I'm not 80 so what was considered sexy time in '72 may be different than today...
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    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    They were not neo fascists in any way shape or form
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    Refret vs new neck

    I would totally replace over refret. Especially if its a Fender or Warmoth, where the specs would be well known. I understand the labor and skill involved and why the prices are what they are but when I can replace for $200, it makes no sense to pay $500 for a refret on something like a strat...
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    What ACTUALLY kills weeds?

    Tenacity. Tenacity Turf Herbicide - 8 ounces
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    Is it ok to use a Craftsman 5/8 deep well socket as a slide?

    49/64 and you can use the socket if you feel the need. It may be a little rough on the neck though
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    Pickup change opinions

    They would be quiet, but tone wise a lateral move
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    I’m swearing off gain/distortion pedals.

    Like most things some are better than others. I'm not sure a whole 4 pedals is really sufficient to make a definitive assesment
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Chisels and Dremel bits for Frankenstrat-ish build up next
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    Pickups for Jimi when Custom Shop 69s won’t do…

    When my biggest issue playing Jimi is that my custom shop pickups just won't do, I will let you know... Until then, my opinion is of no consequence...
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    Bootstrap 54 Vintage Pro

    They are good. Pro 54's in 1 strat and Sun City's in another with some tricked out wiring. Plus a custom set in the CV Tele (Bootstrap Pretzel neck, Palo Duro Bridge)
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    Guild of American Luthiers tuning procedure?

    Good luck do that in a bar before the next set begins...