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    Learning rate of guitar

    all sounds well
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    Learning rate of guitar

    Hey, I want to know what you all think a good learning rate is i have played for nearly six mounths. I can play all major and minor chords some other too. Can play roughly 7 songs learn one a mounth not all are full though. I have a somewhat broad knowledge of music history, dont limatise...
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    Favorite Canadian Guitarist

    Eric father was a Canadian soldiar he never met him but learned later on who he was. Neil Young's tone varies from time to time. So does Erics but Cream era was the bomb. I like Jeff healey but i guess not le best "tone". Tone is all in your head by the way. YouTube - Cream- Sunshine of Your...
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    we need YOU!

    ..::The CIGARETTES::.. it has a lil edge not far as Butt hole surfers but a lil sharp and has the de facto of :The: innit the best
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    we need YOU!

    Hey mates, I adore the comments the Dino Jrl, stuff is terrific and there newer album Farm is fabulous if your willing then Artic monkeys there mostly post punk revival but i do see your more into classic rock then how about zeppelin if you get a guy to play keys then try No querter i guess it...
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    Great Bass Players

    PEOPLe listen the man you need is "Les Claypool" YouTube - Primus-My Name is Mud @ Woodstock He is a true inovatar with a six string fretless-So I kissed him upside the cranium with that aluminum baseball bat
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    SO envious of this guy's tone...

    Sounds like buckethead listin to this YouTube - BUCKETHEAD
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    Hey OneLove,

    Hey OneLove,
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    Bra OneLove,

    Bra OneLove,
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    Hej, Förstår du mej Onelove,

    Hej, Förstår du mej Onelove,
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    Are you a 5 finger player?

    I use me pinky but i dont think ever me thumb my fretboard is pretty wide ..::OneLove::..
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    Anyone use a pick for bass playing?

    I use all my fingers besides me pinky and i only use the meaty part of me thumb when playing guitar i use my thump and a lil of my index i first used a pick when but i hated not being able to play the bass line while playing a lil lead the best part of fingerstyle is that one can play the high e...
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    Any NBA fans?

    My guys from Portland The Trailblazers OneLove
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    Dead*Head OneLove

    Dead*Head OneLove
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    'Top Guitarist of All Time!

    Jerry Garcia OneLove
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    Hello from Sweden

    Välkommen bra at ha en till Svensk
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    Bonnie Raitt signature strat

    I would love to have the one she plays what a beauty not the signituter series but her transparent one she is the greatest female slidest there ever was OneLove
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    Rory tone pot wiring

    He had a master tone and master volume so it says on wiki and his fender custom is a two ton and one volume but they changed it slightly
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    Welcome to Strat talk

    Welcome to Strat talk
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    Hello from Boise, ID

    Hey man I lived in Meridian when I was lil. I have seen your pickups and my brother plays at the Reef.
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    what scale is this?

    The dude is like the white Wes Montgomery
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    Help on tabbing

    I have played piano since 6 now 13 and I am semi proficient in musical notation thx mate OneLove
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    Help on tabbing

    Hi, I have been trieng to tab this song: YouTube - Derek Trucks Band - Sahib Teri Bandi All I want is the main riff. Thx will help a ton. OneLove,
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    Tom Morello draws on all his guitars and the dude from linkin park has done real cool things with some of his guitars
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    'Top Guitarist of All Time!

    I think Albert King and Billy Gibons would be in the top 30 Albert is my number two fave blues artist after Duane Allman