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  1. rockbreaker

    Wanted WTB Fender Hardtail USA

    I have some pictures of the guts, I have to find them in my phone, can't take new photos 'cause it has strings now
  2. rockbreaker

    Wanted WTB Fender Hardtail USA

    I have a 1979 black hard tail strat with rosewood fb all original except for the case. Been trying to trade for a similar tele but I would sell it for $2,200 I'll gather some pictures. That's all I got for now as far as pictures. The case in the photos is not the case that comes with it, that's...
  3. rockbreaker

    Wanted White 8 hole,1 ply PG (got it figured out)

    Believer, I tried toPM you, not sure if it went thru...
  4. rockbreaker

    Wanted White 8 hole,1 ply PG (got it figured out)

    Is this sold? what was it on originally? genuine Fender? aftermarket? approximate year? Thanks!
  5. rockbreaker

    Wanted Beginners amp

    Well...this IS the classifieds so I wouldn't blame someone for "trying to sell you" an amp. I'm sure plenty of people here have what you're looking for... Good luck though...
  6. rockbreaker

    For Sale 1979 Fender Stratocaster Rosewood neck w/ tuners chunky neck! w/flame

    What are you looking for in partial trade? strictly the neck you're looking for or you're open to other things? Thanks
  7. rockbreaker

    Guitars you wish you had kept .....

    1970's Antigua Tele. Heavily modded, also heavier than my Les Paul. Sold it in 1992 to fund a family vacation. Been chasing a US one ever since...
  8. rockbreaker

    Double football tonight

    There's also Copa America FUTBOL (?) Good teams, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay...
  9. rockbreaker

    My itching question of the month (CS Pickguard related)

    I thought the issue with one (or two) solders was with all-original 50's- 60's guitars only...
  10. rockbreaker

    Dan Smith Strat: have you ever seen one with such S/N?

    Wow! isn't this place AWESOME?!!...
  11. rockbreaker

    My Ultra Stratcaster

    I thought ultras had Lace sensors...or that's just the Plusses (Pluses?):(
  12. rockbreaker

    NGD - Classic Series 60s Lacquer

    When I think Classic 60's strats, LPB first comes to mind but that is gorgeous! My second favorite color.
  13. rockbreaker

    NGD 63' Custom Shop Stratocaster...

    Like it's been said, it's a beautiful piece all the way around, that pick guard just doesn't do it for me though, too much clashing with the body color. love the fretboard. Congrats.
  14. rockbreaker

    Art created by X. Armenta on 1972 Fender Telecaster neck

    The second picture is upside down, when I turn it 180* I see some kind of flower and the letters D and F (your initials?)...
  15. rockbreaker

    MIJ or USA - which one is it?

    Fender Kingsford...
  16. rockbreaker

    NGD: Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature

    My favorite band too. Very cool playing. I built a tribute (couldn't afford the CS) installed a DG loaded pickguard with the microswitch, nails the Animals tone. Enjoy it in good health brother. P.S. Quick PF story, first time I saw them was 1987 at what was called The Brendan Byrne Arena, then...
  17. rockbreaker

    Any red flags? Legit/original?
  18. rockbreaker

    Fake or legit 1979 Fender Stratocaster

    I have a '79 hardtail, there's plenty of documentation on late 70's strats to be able to verify. look for the shape of the pick up cavities to be not quite round but more squareish. Also the stamps on the backs of the pick ups, the neck heel and pocket stickers as previously mentioned although...
  19. rockbreaker

    What is up with these crooked saddles?

    Hence the name "Compensated saddles"
  20. rockbreaker

    Strat Rhythm Guitarists

    Pete Townsend, Mark Knofler, Walter Becker (although WB not really known for playing Strats that much)
  21. rockbreaker

    saddle problem

    I would check if the neck is lined up straight with the bridge, in other words, if optically, there's the same distance between the high E string and the edge of the fretboard and the low E and the other edge for starters, if it is, then check every item one by one, like bridge, saddles, nut, etc.
  22. rockbreaker

    I just did this Relic of a Hwy One Strat...

    I think you should at least stain some of the exposed wood to make it a bit more "believable" It may have been said before, I didn't actually read every post. Good luck!
  23. rockbreaker

    Gibson versus Fender - You decide...

    I vote Fender (If I was on a Gibson forum, I'd vote Gibson...)
  24. rockbreaker

    Love a black Strat with a brown tortoise guard

    Let me know if you ever want to get rid of that neck. Been looking for an ebony strat fb. I have one on a tele and it's one of my favorite...
  25. rockbreaker

    Fullerton reissue 57 Strat dating.

    Woo Woo woo! ...where are the pictures??...