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  1. jjaaam

    Obvious conclusion

    We’re 100% a cover band, but a lot of the same thought processes can be applied to lesser-known covers as with originals. Occasionally someone in the band will suggest a song that’s fairly obscure. IMO, that’s a no-go, even if the song is good. The problem is the majority of the audience won’t...
  2. jjaaam

    Greetings from the motor city

    This. 1000000x. Welcome To The Jungle. I’m up in Genesee County (near Flint) and this place (Strat Talk) makes my area look tame by comparison. 🤪
  3. jjaaam

    What makes a good Sunburst?

    Yes, it’s veneer. But it’s only rock and roll, and I like it. Even though I’m not a Stones fan, LOL…
  4. jjaaam

    Your top 5 bands in high school

    Van Halen Simon and Garfunkel Led Zeppelin Beatles Those were the biggies for me. Rush and Yes are honorable mentions. High school was the mid 80’s
  5. jjaaam

    NGD - My first strat: 2017 American Professional

    Congrats! White Strats are awesome!! Ask me how I know…
  6. jjaaam

    Neck Screw Depth

    Stock screws are 1-3/4” long (pic is from the Fender site). Also, IIRC, the same screw is used for the spring claw.
  7. jjaaam

    The Most beautiful Stratocaster of them all ?

    It may only be a lowly Player with a Plus Top (NOT the Player Plus - two different models), but this is my latest addition. I love the flame on the body and the grain on the headstock.
  8. jjaaam

    Blues players with "Little" or "Big" or "Blind" in their names

    Little Caesar’s Wait - now I’m hungry
  9. jjaaam

    Does anyone here actually own a Vega-Trem?

    Fully aware of that. Was trying (unsuccessfully, obviously) to make a joke.
  10. jjaaam

    My opinion on mixing sound for bands wearing shorts

    Completely gig dependent, IMO. We played an outdoor gig (concerts in the park kind of thing) last week in the heat. We all wore shorts and tasteful shirts. Pretty sure we wouldn’t do the same if it was an outdoor wedding.
  11. jjaaam

    Pantera Reunion

    Would it be…COULD it be…called a Beatles reunion without John and George? I think not. And Pantera isn’t even in my personal wheelhouse. It’s more a matter of principles at this point.
  12. jjaaam

    Learned something new today about Fender Mexico

    Both of my main Strats are MIM - a 2012 I converted to HSS and a 2021 which was stock HSS. I’ve always said I really struggle to understand how an American model could be worth so many times the price. I love mine.
  13. jjaaam

    Free summer concert

    Just got home from playing a two hour concerts in the park gig. Good crowd and the heat held off for the most part.
  14. jjaaam

    Why Rush don't have such a wide appeal to rock fans as Led Zeppelin?

    Rush was too prog based for mass consumption. Moving Pictures and part of Permanent Waves we’re about as suitable for a general audience as you get. IMO that’s a big part of it. Prog can really go over a lot of people’s heads.
  15. jjaaam

    Touched the tone knob for the first time…

    Wait - they aren’t just for looks??
  16. jjaaam

    Touched the tone knob for the first time…

    Same. But I figured I’d take a chance.
  17. jjaaam

    Touched the tone knob for the first time…

    I think so. I’ve always wondered what those two extra ones were for, to be honest. I’m always looking for opportunities to learn and further my knowledge whenever I can.
  18. jjaaam

    Touched the tone knob for the first time…

    …at practice last night. I had a great tone for the new song we were doing (Smooth - Santana) but the humbucker in my HSS Strat was a little bright. So I turned the tone knob down. For the first time ever. And it was good. That is all.
  19. jjaaam

    Oh gawd....

    Snark all you like, but I’ll tell you this: every time we play Wonderful Tonight, the dance floor gets packed. Even it’s been a relatively slow night. Every…single…time. We don’t play it every gig, but when we do it always goes over well. Not trying to start the age-old debate about tired...
  20. jjaaam

    Oh gawd....

    We play both songs. As long as the audience continues to enjoy them, we’ll continue to play them.
  21. jjaaam

    Have I lost my marbles?

    I have never looked at straps as fashion accessories, LOL - they’re a functional item. That being said, each of my guitars has the same cheap-ass Levy black polyester strap, and each has a set of Dunlop Straploks on them. Except for the strap I have for my Taylor - no Straploks there.
  22. jjaaam

    Anyone tried 'Moises - The Musicians App' to separate guitars on audio tracks?

    The $4 is a convenience fee in my view. It’s worth that when the church song leader changes keys on 75% of the songs we’re doing for the week. I may not renew but for now it’s good.
  23. jjaaam

    Anyone tried 'Moises - The Musicians App' to separate guitars on audio tracks?

    I’ve used a bit for songs in my church’s band. They very often change keys and being able to do so on the app is extremely helpful for practicing. Admittedly I haven’t done much with separating tracks though. One niggle I do have with it is when I first downloaded it a few months ago, I could...