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  1. Telecaster582

    NGD! 2009 Squier Bullet

    Hello! Someone (my guitar teacher) gave me a bunch of guitar parts, from them I built this! The pickguard is original, as is the neck and body. The electronics are from a different Squier, and who knows where the rest came from. The black knobs on the cream pickguard would not normally be my...
  2. Telecaster582

    Should I swap the neck on my guitar?

    Hello, I have a Memphis strat from the 80's (I think) and the neck is bowed in such a way that it buzzes a lot. I wan to replace the neck with a Squier one, but I don't know if I can fix it. I also don't really like the headstock shape, either. Another weird thing: the neck has some significant...
  3. Telecaster582

    Archtop suggestions

    Hello, Ive been looking for an archtop guitar, one of those 20's Gibson style ones, not es335s. Anyway, my max I can pay is maybe $600, and to find a good guitar for that has been real hard, so I want to ask for a little help. I would buy used, and the guitar would be a regular player, so it...
  4. Telecaster582

    Help me decide

    I am looking to buy a new electric soon, and I've come down to my two dream guitars that I have to choose from. I'm trying to decide between a Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster, and a Grestch Streamliner. I play pretty much every genre, but specifically surf, hence the Jazzmaster. I've also wanted...
  5. Telecaster582

    NGD X2

    So, I thought about a year ago of building a tele because I didn't have one and I was kinda new to the whole tele, strat, LP, type thing. A guitar was a guitar and I could play it. I got intrigued by the tele and at first thought it was the ugliest thing I'd ever saw, so I decided to build one...
  6. Telecaster582

    Looking for the best way to sell some gear.

    I have a lot of guitars that don't work that I want to fix so that I can sell them to buy a Grestch Streamliner, and I'm thinking of Reverb to sell it on. Mom say people won't buy thing because of shipping, and tells me to do it on Facebook marketplace so that they have to come and pick it up. I...
  7. Telecaster582


    Been looking around recently, (GAS ATTACK) and I found this company called Kay, and a lot of their guitars are going for 400 bucks and they are from the 30's all the way to the 70's. I really like their archtops, and I'm wondering if anyone has some experience with them and if they are good...
  8. Telecaster582

    I need a new acoustic.

    So I bought an Ibenez from guitar center about 4 years ago for 200+ tax. It's been used and beaten up and it getting to the point that I don't think it will be playable. It had a good neck relief, but one of the frets is really low and make anything higher than 12 (which may sound crazy but I...
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    Look at my new guitar I got today!!
  10. Telecaster582

    Telecaster build, here I go!

    So I found a board (plywood) that we had laying around, and I thought, that would make a nice Tele. It is surf green, and kinda beat up, and I wanna turn it into a telecaster thinline deluxe with Fender wide range humbuckers. This is my first time making a body for a guitar, and I will be buying...