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  1. Texaspicker

    1964 Olympic White

    Oooooo me likey!
  2. Texaspicker

    Misread Thread Titles

    Thank goodness for moderators. Without them there’s no tellin’ where this thread would end up!
  3. Texaspicker

    What’s up? Greeting from Denver!

    Howdy from Fort Worth Texas brother. Good to have you aboard.
  4. Texaspicker

    Having Fun Now

    It could always be worse brother. Sitting at the tire store while cruising Strat-Talk is beats many things in life.
  5. Texaspicker

    Fade to black tuning…

    Thank you for that. Sorry for the late response but surgery and then COVID have kept me down. I also found that tuning to 445 allows me to play in key.
  6. Texaspicker

    Quatersawn Neck

    The neck in the first photo is GORGEOUS!!!
  7. Texaspicker

    Why no New Necks hanging on the Wall . . .

    :eek::p:p:D:D That was funny! I think you just kicked a sacred cow brother!
  8. Texaspicker

    A little Beauty Amid Desolation.

    That sure is pretty Believer. Thank you.
  9. Texaspicker

    What is this song?

    Prime suspect right there PonyB.
  10. Texaspicker

    1987 Squier Stratocaster.

    Ooooo me likey! I have an ‘89 Japanese Strat and still love it. Although she is in need of new frets.
  11. Texaspicker

    Tuner screw snapped off in Tele headstock

    Murpy’s law in action! Ebidis is right though. It’s not too difficult to remedy.
  12. Texaspicker

    These guys still relevant?

    Emphatically yes!
  13. Texaspicker

    How the **** did this just happen?

    Murphy’s law.
  14. Texaspicker

    MIJ '92 Strat?

    I have a FujiGen Strat circa ‘89. They’re great guitars
  15. Texaspicker

    Setting up your Stratocaster.

    I also employ the “yeah, that’s about right” method.
  16. Texaspicker

    Never seen a guitar and base like these

    That looks great!!
  17. Texaspicker

    2012 Squier Bullet info please. I'm prob buying one in 3 hours

    Congrats on the new guitar brother. Enjoy!
  18. Texaspicker

    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome aboard to ya’ from another Fort Worthite. I like that guitar!
  19. Texaspicker

    Yup winter is definitely here...

    Feels great here in north Texas!
  20. Texaspicker

    Fade to black tuning…

    I’m trying to figure out exactly what the tuning is for Fade to Black by Metallica. It seems that if I tune 10 cents sharp I’m pretty close and can play along with the song but it still doesn’t seem exactly right. The leads work fine but vibrato hides any minor pitch issues. Where the pitch...
  21. Texaspicker

    What can you tell me about this Strat?

    Very nice! I do love the neck.
  22. Texaspicker

    What can you tell me about this Strat?

    Thanks brother. I love that strap on that guitar and will always keep it as he left it with me.
  23. Texaspicker

    What can you tell me about this Strat?

    Appreciate the info guys. What a great resource this forum is.