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  1. Bazz Jass

    RIP Judith Durham of the Seekers

    Little know in USA but much beloved in Australia, UK, New Zealand. An influential voice of 60s folk. One of my favourites :(
  2. Bazz Jass

    How ironic...

    It's missing the Stratocaster pages... So only $215! I'll pass ;)
  3. Bazz Jass

    The only new music I listen to is over 40 years old!

    Someone asked me recently if I had heard this new xxx, was I into this new xxx. I replied that I'm still discovering new material I've never heard before from the 60s, 70s. One day I might get to today's music, but there's just so much great old stuff yet to discover. I was born in 71, so...
  4. Bazz Jass

    De-necking a Fender for air-travel?

    Anybody do this? Seems like a good way to get the strat or tele through as carry-on luggage. A padded gig bag could easily be folded to accommodate the separated neck and body. Might be travelling, soon and feel this could be a good solution. I have to pay extra for checked luggage, plus I've...
  5. Bazz Jass

    Why do the scammers want to promote universities to us?

    The average age here is 47 right?
  6. Bazz Jass

    Noisy power supply

    Getting back into pedals after 30 years! Have been testing a few, so got a basic Mooer 9v power pack to use when testing. When testing drive pedals it makes a bad noise - like a whispered police siren! Tried another standalone 9v power supply (from an old modem). Didn't have the siren...
  7. Bazz Jass

    Weak album tracks - do you let them play?

    More of a vinyl thing I guess, but I have some very favourite albums that have the occasional annoying/weak/stupid etc track. I tend to let the whole album play despite these tracks. How about you?
  8. Bazz Jass

    Strats on Ebay

    Curious non-functioning sub forum....? Hmmm....I honestly can't see how this would work. Which is probably why it doesn't! :)
  9. Bazz Jass

    If you had to pick four guitar pedals....

    What would they be, and why. Never really used them. But I might be convinced! Only have room for four.
  10. Bazz Jass

    Musical grandparents?

    I know a lot of us have parents who played, and got us into guitar etc. How about grandparents? This is my maternal grandfather, centre, with his group "The Harmony Trio" circa 1940. Small town New Zealand. (Colorized and enhanced :) )
  11. Bazz Jass

    Ever been assaulted on stage?

    I was 18 and really green. Had a folk rock trio just out of high school. Got tricked into playing one of the meanest bars in town (we'd never heard of it). Was so stressed I broke 3 guitar strings and didn't dare stop to replace them. Big mean guy by the stage hated us. Threw the entire...
  12. Bazz Jass

    Ordered a Custom 68 Vibro Champ

    So there!
  13. Bazz Jass

    Rick Kelly Unique, but.....yeah, nah. I'll pass.
  14. Bazz Jass

    Bought me some tubes today...

    Right on cue, found a dead preamp tube in my Delta Blues 210 yesterday. Also one of the power tubes has a rattle. Since I bought this second hand, and have no idea how old the tubes are, and what might blow next, I bit the bullet and bought a whole new set of JJs. Fresh start - and I can make a...
  15. Bazz Jass

    Which university would you like to go to?

    So many choices....
  16. Bazz Jass

    Big price for a 64 refin...

    I'm not a fan of that color choice at all. Sure doesn't make for a $26K guitar.
  17. Bazz Jass

    Call for price

    Came across this store with pages of awesome vintage gear. Every item - Call for price. They've immediately lost people like me as customers. It's a total and immediate turn off. I would never call for a price, I'd just look for another...
  18. Bazz Jass

    The unfairness of naturally thin people....

    Man I hate naturally thin people. I'm one of those body types that ever since I was in single digits just got fat from eating what all my friends were eating. Through my teens and 20s I could lose weight if I tried really hard and lived liked a monk, but as soon as I stopped trying, the weight...
  19. Bazz Jass

    Beatles Get Back - DVD Blu Ray Release.

    Officially announced for early next month. Good news for lots of the world!
  20. Bazz Jass

    Majority of "Get Back" watchers over 55. Um, duh....

    What did they expect? Surely the contemporary audience of any great act is going to be the main fan base?? Am I right??
  21. Bazz Jass

    Miss playing bass....

    As my handle suggests, there is a Jazz Bass in my life. Specifically a 1971 Jazz Bass. My entire life has been singer/guitar player. I had one band on the side (for 10 years) where I played bass. That ended and I never play bass anymore. Sad.
  22. Bazz Jass

    My favourite Indian restaurant let me down tonight...

    We love this little place, my wife and I. Seats 20. Mostly it's just me and her. We dine there early week for the Mon-Wed special price curry. Have done for years. It's changed hands a few times. I'm a good "constructive criticism" type. If the new owner serves lamb that's too tough, I tell...
  23. Bazz Jass

    Paul McCartney's Yamaha Bass sells for Half a Million

    Record price for a bass. Is that also a record for a non-American-made rock instrument??
  24. Bazz Jass

    When did the "Good Old Days" end?

    Thinking about current times, and doubting they'll ever be looked back on as "the good old days." Got me wondering is the good old days is just a generic term for one's youth, or whether there were actual periods of time that were in fact very very good in general. Thoughts?