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  1. Sarnodude

    I'm selling a used car...

    Really getting frustrated with lowballers on Craigslist lately. Anybody have any suggestions as to the best place to sell a used car?
  2. Sarnodude

    Craigslist Crazy Listing: Custom Les Paul

    Looks like this one came out of the angry beaver custom shop :
  3. Sarnodude

    NAD ! : Boogie Mark V 25

    I just picked up this little critter recently. I love it so far. Many of my overdrive pedals are going to be joining the ranks of the unemployed. The Mark IIc clean setting is really nice, and the extreme setting with buckers, definitely does the thing, especially with my modified DS-1.
  4. Sarnodude

    Any Pedaltrain Users?

    I am thinking of getting a Pedaltrain .. I want to mount a power supply underneath, so it doesn't take up valuable real estate. Is this possible?
  5. Sarnodude

    1993-1995 Fender Super Re-issue

    Can anyone tell me if they are point-to-point wired, or are they built with circuit boards? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sarnodude


    New Quickjack 3500 Day!! A lot of you know that my other "Strat" is a Toyota MR2... I've been wanting one of these lifts for years now, especially as I get older. Now I can troubleshoot all the things that I couldn't see before.
  7. Sarnodude


    Just picked up this little jewel at "American Music" in Seattle. Really clean and undamaged. I haven't peeked into the chassis yet, but I'll probably make sure the filter caps are up to snuff and that nothing else looks toasty. 10 watts with a 12 inch Fender Special Design speaker. All the amp...
  8. Sarnodude


    Has anyone "blackfaced" the circuitry of a Silverface Bassman?
  9. Sarnodude

    Joyo Jam Buddy?

    I apologize if this has been covered before, but has anyone tried one of these with a strat?
  10. Sarnodude

    Silvertone 1451: More Treble

    Is it possible to get more treble out of this circuit?
  11. Sarnodude


    New Retirement Day : wrapping up a three decade career in the Aerospace field.
  12. Sarnodude

    Fender Classic Player 60's Strat

    I tried reverb and fleabay, but I have no idea what my gently used CP is worth. Sonic blue, hot noiseless pickups, case candy, rosewood neck, fully shielded .any idea?
  13. Sarnodude

    D'Addario 9.5's versus DR Pure Blues 9's

    I've been using DR Pure Blues 009-042 on all of my guitars for the last year or so, and they are pretty good. Thought I would try the D'Addario 9.5-44 EXL120+ , just for giggles, based on the "more is better" theory. Bottom line: The D'Addarios are coming off my AmStd, and I'm going back to...
  14. Sarnodude

    Fender Guitar Cable

    So I bought a Fender cable with a lifetime guarantee. It was starting to cut out, so I went to GC to claim warrantee. They told be to "go through Fender"
  15. Sarnodude

    Google Advertising

    Is there any way to block all of the Google ads I keep seeing when using an ipad? Assume I am not computer literate... I keep reporting them an my Ad Choices, but the same ads keep coming back. I mean how much apple cider vinegar do young women actually need?
  16. Sarnodude

    Tried a Couple of Pedals

    So I went to my local GC to buy strings, and I spotted a couple of interesting pedals. Long story sort, the Soul Food did not cut it. I did get to try the MXR 5150, however. Just what I need and Father's Day is coming soon... ahh.. the joys of fatherhood. Check out the Phil McKnight vid below...
  17. Sarnodude

    Maxon VOP-9 Anyone?

    Is anyone using this pedal? Impressions?
  18. Sarnodude

    Noiseless fat 50' they exist?

    Done some searching and lots of reading, but I cannot find an answer to this question: I love my Fat 50's pickups, but they do hum under some circumstances. Is there a noiseless replacement out there?