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  1. FrieAsABird

    Intriguing Strat I just saw online!

    So I just saw this online: Seller says he found it in the attic, covered in dust, all the works, like straight out of a movie! Said he has no idea how old it is or anything, but I’ve found it interesting while somewhat puzzling too; mainly the modern tuners… there’s not a ton of pics and none of...
  2. FrieAsABird

    Easter NGD for me!

    Last week, my car was at the mechanics and sadly, the bill was twice as high as expected. So I Said I won’t look at any guitars until next month at least! But of course fate had heard me and yesterday, a great deal popped up locally. Pretty down I told my wife about it… she started asking...
  3. FrieAsABird

    Just ordered some tools- excited!

    I posted earlier about having done some fret work on a Martin acoustic, and that made me think: I love fixing guitars up, I love working on them and after seven years of doing so, I realised i severely lack fret working skills. I think I’ve always been afraid of messing things up, so I never...
  4. FrieAsABird

    Just did some fret work on my Martin acoustic!

    I picked up a Mexican made Martin dreadnought for 150 bucks two years ago, sounds great and was played a lot by the previous owner: A busker from the UK who had traveled all over Europe with it before settling down in Germany with his girlfriend. Despite the nice sound, it had some problems...
  5. FrieAsABird

    What does a strat smell like?

    I was watching a YouTube review of a Silver Sky SE the other day and the reviewer commented that it was a nice enough guitar, but didn’t really smell like a Stratocaster. They definitely have a mid-scooped smell, but so do a lot of Strats. This morning I was watching another video on YouTube of...
  6. FrieAsABird

    NGD! Great deals are hard to find, but they exist!

    Picked this up for 100€ this morning, a 2009 model based on serial. I really love these early CVs and I’ve been hunting down a sunburst for months now! Had ti have it, even though it was a two hour drive there and back, which is a lot for my European standards! Super nice guy, can’t play anymore...
  7. FrieAsABird

    Ever burned your fingers and think about it forever?

    Well, I think I can say about myself that I know my way around the web, and I’ve been active on the most popular marketplace for used stuff here in Germany for years. Over 200 ads and only positive feedback, and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive both as a seller and as a buyer...
  8. FrieAsABird

    Great looking AV 54 Strat I saw online. Beauty!

    Just saw this online and wanted to share. Heavily played, mid 90s model according to the listing. Refretted, otherwise stock, and that grain is perfect! Price is pretty nice too, at 950€… if I had that dough laying around, I’d be all over it! Sadly, I don’t, so I’ll have to stick to looking :)...
  9. FrieAsABird

    Anybody seen one of these before? Got more Information?

    Saw this one online, looks like a regular 1996 Mexican Standard Strat to me, but the seller says it was a special model, sind while Eric Clapton was on tour, and was supposedly marketed as something like a signature. That’s nonsense, nothing about this is even close to the EC signature model...
  10. FrieAsABird

    Johnny would have been 90 today.

    Johnny Cash has been a musical idol of mine for a long time. I really enjoy the last works he did before his death, especially the covers of songs he personally liked. Happy birthday, Johnny!
  11. FrieAsABird

    Any love for our birthday boy George?

    Crazy to think it’s been over 20 years without him. I wouldn’t play today if it wasn’t for him, and I know that’s true for many of us. Listened to some records in his memory and watched this, I love that he’s playing a JV Squier here: I miss him. Happy birthday, George!
  12. FrieAsABird

    Thoughts on this supposed Japanese made Fender Strat?

    Saw this online, was immediately alarmed by a few things: Decal is off, serial is off, 22 frets with abalone inlays… The neck stamp made me curious though, so I messaged the seller and asked if it’s all original. He said he thinks so, doesn’t know for sure, but would love to know, so I asked him...
  13. FrieAsABird

    Fake MiJ Tele- what are those stamps?

    Hey guys, I’ve seen a few of these stamps in the neck pocket of guitars, they always seem to be faked, as visible on headstock and serial number, but what are the stamps on the neck? Anybody seen those before? Is there a manufacturer specialised in badly faking Japanese fenders? Here’s some pics:
  14. FrieAsABird

    I returned my HB Tele, even though it was Shell Pink!

    I posted a NGD a few weeks ago, I had just received a brand new Harley Benton Tele in Shell Pink, caramelised maple neck and fretboard. Upon arrival, I liked it a lot, but the more I played it, the less I liked it. The finish and fretwork was great, the electronics worked without flaw and...
  15. FrieAsABird

    NPGD for my road worn strat!

    I posted a NGD about this guitar sometime last year; I’ve been lovin it so far, but I’ve always thought there’s no use in fixing something that ain’t broken, and this one wasn’t broken at all; the previous owner made some mainly cosmetic changes and went for a gold and black look, which I don’t...
  16. FrieAsABird

    Why must Harley Benton tempt me so???

    As some of you may know from my last post, I just got a new HB tele. Now I recently stumbled upon another one of their offerings: A digital multi effect unit, fully customisable and supposedly very nice sounding. Coming in at 139 Euros brand new, I’m even more tempted to check it out! I really...
  17. FrieAsABird

    Lemon oil on caramelised maple fretboard?

    I got a very nice new guitar yesterday, a Harley Benton Tele with a neck and fretboard made of caramelised maple. As far as I understand, that means it has been roasted lightly as opposed to roasted maple, and it looks awesome. The fretboard seems very dry though, which is expected, but I was...
  18. FrieAsABird

    Guess what day it is?

    It’s new big box from Treppendorf day :cool: But of course I am a patient adult, so I will wait for work to be over before i open it up. Will post more pics this evening, but feel free to guess what’s inside :thumb:
  19. FrieAsABird


    After playing bass through bias fx only for some years, I finally picked up a little bass amp! Really crazy how damn loud this thing is with volume at 1, lol. Here’s a pic, got it for 15 bucks- great deal in my eyes :)
  20. FrieAsABird

    Got some very affordable GAS just now!

    Saw this advertised on instagram by Thomann, looks so good! 150 bucks brand new, caramelised maple neck (yum!) and it’s pink! Really tempting but I really gotta sell something first, but nobody seems to want my Vintage Modified Strat… Here’s a pic of the tele, looks delish!
  21. FrieAsABird

    Almost had a Christmas catastrophe happen today!

    Having some free time, I Ended up jamming with my family for a bit today- my father on drums, me on guitar, wife on keyboards and my sister (who doesn’t play) holding a bass and thumping it along to the rhythms :) Well, all was fine until we decided to do some later Beatles numbers, featuring...
  22. FrieAsABird

    Opinions needed: Is this a Japanese Standard Strat? No serial anymore

    This is for sale for rather cheap, owner says he thinks it’s fake. To me it looks like the serial was removed under the logo, sadly. Anybody got an idea? Looks like a Made in Japan Standard Strat , maybe 1990s? Grateful for any opinion, maybe @Guitarmageddon ? Thanks in advance :)
  23. FrieAsABird

    December 8, 1980- another date of infamy :(

    Can’t believe it’s been 41 years without the genius of John Lennon. RIP! I can’t help myself imagining all the songs he may have gifted us with if he hadn’t been taken from us so untimely :(
  24. FrieAsABird

    Got a new guitar less than a week ago but GAS got me back

    Like many others, I greatly enjoyed the Get Back documentary, but now I really want both a Casino and even more, a rosewood fretboard tele. I blame the Beatles, Peter Jackson and Billy Shears for this! And if that’s not bad enough, there’s a CV 60s Tele for sale locally, gorgeous guitar, made in...
  25. FrieAsABird


    I picked this up yesterday, after talking to the seller about it since late September. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I grabbed it. Being a Beatles fan since birth and a great admirer of George specifically, I always wanted one of these. It came with a very nice case and the original...