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  1. grritz

    I did it!

    I just couldn't resist. After three days surfing the web and looking and looking at Carr amps, I decided to pull the trigger. I grabbed this beauty off Reverb and got a really good deal on it. When I first saw it, the gator leather was a turn-off. It looked too showy for me. But as I visited and...
  2. grritz

    Is it possible... find a 5e3 circuit amp that's only 5 watts? My recent experience with 20-30 watt amps proves (time and again!) that my studio space of only 160sf is just too small for anything much larger than 5-12 watts. And, no, I don't want to use an attenuator to strangle an amp that was born to sing...
  3. grritz

    I want it painted black

    So...I'm considering ordering one of these Monoprice 5-watt amps...almost more as a project than an amp I'd use regularly. And that project would be: taking it apart and pulling all the pieces out of the case, then painting the thing black! I know I just couldn't live with a white amp in my...
  4. grritz

    What's a practice habit you need to break?

    Mine is hurrying too much when trying to learn a new riff. And I practice it at too fast a speed...then have to learn that sometimes it's gonna take a L-O-N-G time to get it down. I remember one Clapton riff that took me weeks before I could play in confidently.
  5. grritz


    Let's see where this goes...
  6. grritz

    A 6V6 is a 6V6...right?

    Does it matter whether it has all those other letters after the 6V6? I just replaced a Tube Amp Doctor 6V6GTB-STR with a JJ 6V6. What do all those other letters mean...and to they make any difference once the tube is in the amp?
  7. grritz

    Odor Eaters ate the stink

    I recently got my hands on a used Supro Delta King 10. Sweet amp with great tones, but... This amp stank of cigarette smoke! I couldn't keep it in my small (10' X 16') studio. It was smelling up the entire room and it was just too much. I knew I had to do something. So I tried wiping it down...
  8. grritz

    Signing up

    As I’ve visited the Strat-Talk forums during the past couple of months, I’ve become intrigued — and occasionally amused or confused — by the signatures of those who post here. My favorite is from Ebidis: “Fear the man who only has one guitar, because he probably knows how to use it” Do you...
  9. grritz

    For Sale SOLD Source Audio Collider/Delay | MINT | Free shipping

    This pedal is in perfect condition. Not a ding, dent, scratch, smear or smudge on her. $320 shipped FREE to CONUS. PayPal or Venmo. PM me if you’re interested. The Source Audio Collider pedal has seven reverb types and five delay engines crammed into one housing with intuitive controls...
  10. grritz

    For Sale SOLD SOLD SOLD | Louis Electric Buster amp | MINT | Will deliver to you in NC/SC Area

    LOUIS ELECTRIC BUSTER amp for sale. Mint condition. Now listed on Reverb at $1,700, but will go to Strat-Talk members for $1,600…and I’ll run it to you within 100 miles/two hours of Charlotte (NC)/Columbia (SC) area. Not in the Southeast? Let's work out shipping options. Accepting PayPal...
  11. grritz

    Need serious help with Louis Electric Buster amp

    Good morning: I recently got my hands on a Louis Electric Buster amp. It’s a great amp and I’m looking forward to playing with it for years to come. But…I know nothing about how to make the amp work for me! A few days ago, I posted a photo (top of two pix here) showing the amp’s inputs and a...
  12. grritz

    The Peg Leg

    Good morning, folks: For a couple of years, now, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to tilt my amps so I can REALLY hear what I’m playing. We’ve all seen the numerous threads about our ears not being in our legs. Here’s the solution I came up with. It’s tested and in-service on all four of...
  13. grritz

    What is "News feed"?

    What exactly is News feed? How does it work and why do I want to go there?
  14. grritz

    Amps that made the "final cut"

    After weeks of searching for some new (and used) amps — and with a LOT of suggestions from many of you — here are the amps that made the “final cut.” The Mesa and the Princeton have been with me for at least four or five years. The rest are new. Well, the Cube and the Buster are used...but new...
  15. grritz

    Quiet 5e3 amp?

    The sound of a 5e3 amp is gorgeous. I have one now, but I can't keep's just too loud in my 10'x16' space. If I turn either volume knob past 2-3, I'm getting into hurtin' territory. There are many 5e3 clones out there, but they all seem to be in the 20-25 watt range. I'm looking for...
  16. grritz

    Decibel meter for home use?

    Pls forgive if this sounds noobish. Does anyone here use a decibel meter regularly? I'm thinking of getting one for home studio use, just to measure the level of sound from one amp to another and one room to another. Any brand you recommend? Thanks
  17. grritz

    For Sale SOLD SOLD EVH 5150 1X12 Combo Amp | MINT | It's the amp Eddie himself designed!

    MINT CONDITION EVH 5150 1X12 Combo. It's the amp Eddie himself designed! This amp has been played less than three hours. It’s in perfect condition. Listed on Reverb at $800, but only $700 to Strat-Talk members…and I’ll run it to you within 100 miles/two hours of Charlotte (NC)/Columbia (SC)...
  18. grritz

    What is THAT for?

    Just got my hands on a Louis Electric Buster today and I am lovin' this amp! But...I'm tweaking and twiddling and tuning and all-of-a-sudden notice this switch (see pic). And I think it's like an attenuator 'cuz it seems to raise/lower the volume a bit, but then I'm thinkin' "I'll bet someone...
  19. grritz

    Your opinion, please, on Warmoth

    I'm considering ordering a Strat replacement neck from Warmoth. Your thoughts/advice about Warmoth and their products? Thanks.
  20. grritz

    Channel bridging...uh...whut?

    The web site for the Louis Electric Buster says: “The channels can be bridged for maximum tonal sculpting.” OK, I admit it, that’s something new to me. Can someone please explain just what channel bridging is, what it does, and how to make it happen? Thanks.
  21. grritz

    grritz's gallery of amps

    During the past few weeks, with help from y'all, I've been on a search for additional amps. I asked for suggestions, and got suggestions — a LOT of suggestions. Along the way, I decided I wasn't going toward Marshall or Vox. For those of you who like and/or suggested those, thank you, but I...
  22. grritz

    New amp hums when plugged into pedalboard

    I’m the new owner of a Tone King Sky King and I love it! Except for one thing: When I connect to it through my pedalboard, there’s a hum. Not a loud hum…but not a hum that can be ignored. If I plug my guitar cable directly into the amp…no hum. I’d like to run this amp through the pedalboard as...
  23. grritz

    Best guitar tube amp at/near $2k

    Simple question: What's the best guitar tube amp out there at or near $2k? I don't care what brand. I don't care what tubes. I don't care what speaker I don't care what wattage. I don't care what circuit. I don't care what size, shape, color or weight. I do care about playing blues more than...
  24. grritz

    Louis Electric...whaddaya know, Joe?

    So...tell me everything you know (or everything you've heard!) about Louis Electric amps. I'm particularly interested in the Buster and Deltone amps. Educate me!
  25. grritz

    NAD!!!! 5150

    This arrived just this afternoon! I only had a half-hour earlier to twiddle and tweak it, but I'm now getting ready to run it through its paces! I'm thinkin' I'm gonna be v-e-r-y happy with this one!