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  1. LawFlow

    The holes don’t lineup.

    I have an American Standard and your bridge/trem looks normal. I float mine which brings the arm a little closer to the body, but it still angles back.
  2. LawFlow

    What was your first electric?

    Sears Silvertone,1963-64
  3. LawFlow

    IRS Tax Refund Black Hole....

    Our paper returns for the past 2 years took forever to process. We always owe, but for 2020 (prior year), I got a letter from the IRS stating we had a credit balance with them, but no return. They said if we don't file, we would lose the credit. After freaking out, I found an article stating the...
  4. LawFlow

    Pickguard and plastics parts colour question

    I don't understand how anyone can see any black in this at all. If I squint and pretend, maybe I can see a hint of blue in the white part.
  5. LawFlow

    Does it bother anyone else...

    The story goes that Gary wanted to play his own guitars. Also, there are no hills in and around Lubbock, TX.
  6. LawFlow

    Does play affect color

    Yes, it's perfectly normal
  7. LawFlow

    Billy The Mountain...

    I worked for HoJo's as a cook, dishwasher and busboy one Summer. That's all I have to say about that.
  8. LawFlow

    NGD. 1990 Blue Fender Strat M.I.A.

    Congrats! Good choice and nice guitar!
  9. LawFlow

    help / advice needed, woodworms in my new ultra luxe strat

    That's great they are replacing your guitar.
  10. LawFlow

    The wrong kind of "quack"

    If you go with 10's, be prepared to reset the relief and trem. Also, try working with your amp's EQ. I have a Twin Reverb and found that more treble and less bass (4) works well for position 2.
  11. LawFlow

    Update! More advice on fender strats deciding my next purchase?

    I would probably prefer the standards over the deluxes, especially the one with SS frets. Do the deluxe models have noiseless pickups? Those would sound different than regular single coils. As others have said, it would be best if you can try each one.
  12. LawFlow

    Safety in unpacking a new nitro guitar…?

    Seems like a lot of good advice, but you can do what you want. I'd probably dig right in and open it up.
  13. LawFlow

    Which Acoustic Guitar should be my "lifelong companion"?

    A solid top is a must. A well made guitar with solid top and laminate (layered) back & sides can be a great guitar. A well made guitar with all solid wood is usually better and more expensive.
  14. LawFlow

    Where do you stick it????

    5 - The strap is wrapped, secure and out of the way.
  15. LawFlow

    Minimal Buzzing Requires Maximizing Saddle Height

    Relief should be set first (.008-.010). As suggested, use a high e string for a feeler gauge if that's all you have. From there, adjust the saddles. When this doesn't work, it's frets, neck angle or both.
  16. LawFlow

    Andover, KS EF3 tornado 4/29/2022

    The destruction is so quick and unpredictable. I live in "tornado ally" and never get used to these things. We've always had a storm cellar or basement, but not now.
  17. LawFlow

    trip to the dentist!

    This sounds like my recent marathon with the dentist. It's brutal and they're not done. My wife is going thru it now. We try to console each other. No guitars for me.
  18. LawFlow

    trip to the dentist!

    The Dentist - Those 2 words send chills. After they subject you to unimaginable mouth torture, they present you with the never ending bill. It's no wonder why insurance companies don't offer any decent coverage. They're not stupid.
  19. LawFlow

    USA strat, still a icon?

    A few years ago, I wanted a Fender Stratocaster. I knew things would be different from my 1966 memory, but Fender was smart in their marketing. The AVRI was presented as the original and it really was. The American Standard was a newer version of the original. I knew other models existed, but...
  20. LawFlow

    Perfect strats

    There should be no difference. Mine is a 2014 with Fat 50's. I can't think of any updates except for strap locks. I dropped it 3 times with lucky catches. Probably bad straps, but taking no chance.
  21. LawFlow

    String experts

    All I remember using in the 60's for my Strat were Gibson medium flatwounds. They were much thicker than the 9-42's I use now. We didn't know or care much about strings. I would change them when the crusty crud on the bottom of the high e became too much.
  22. LawFlow

    Why doesn't Fender provide a reissue model for people who want vintage style

    Agree. After decades of playing only acoustics, I wanted a Fender Stratocaster like the 1966 Strat I sold many years ago. I didn't know about vintage. I just wanted a "regular" Fender Stratocaster. The American Standard was everything I remember, but better. This was in 2014 and it seems that...