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    I should not be allowed out without a carer

    ... that's how dumb I am! Never let me fix your electrical problem.
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    Your favourite Custom Shop Pickups?

    I'm currently rocking a CS69 set, and a '60 Alnico II set. Out of the two I prefer the 69s for articulation and clarity, especially now I have the heights dialled in. What are your preferences?
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    50s wiring?

    I've just tried wiring up a new pickup set using Gibson 50s style wiring, and I get the reduced treble loss turning down the volume now, and the increased interactivity between the tone and master volume. Here's the thing- will the 50s wiring allow more single coil hum through? Either these new...
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    What's Brown and Dirty?

    Heh heh heh!
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    Show off your hardtails!

    I got this-
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    Treble bleed improvement

    My CS 61 Relic came fitted with A2 '60CS pickups, and nice as they are they become a bit woolly with the volume turned down, so today I fitted a treble bleed kit, cap and resistor in parallel, 1nF/150k. Gotta say, I'm very pleased with the results. I was considering offing these pickups, but...
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    Fender Custom Shop Fret Wire

    I learned today that the CS has been using Jescar fretwire since mid-2018. I'd been comparing the given dimensions and finding some minor discrepancies- Ron Thorn explains why here-
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    Final Approach

    Just waiting for the gloss coat to harden properly now, so I can do the final cutting back and polishing, and I'm quietly pleased with how this one came out. Guitarbuild UK Hardtail body Guitar and Bass Build UK neck, ebony fretboard and medium frets, 60s C profile CS 69 on a 3 way, middle on a...
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    Rattlecan Fail

    Supposed to be sonic blue. Imagine my surprise when it came out surf green!
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    I don't like SRV's tone!

    There! I said it out loud. Just listened to Couldn't Stand the Weather, and though the playing was great, the thin distorted sound was really tiring. Is it me, or am I missing something?
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    Latest build-Roulette Green

    I was always a fan of the Triumph Speed Triple with the yellowy/green metallic pearl paintjob, so thought I'd give it a try with some rattle cans. The base coat is a solid Kermit green, the top coat is a transparent yellow with a slight pearl/metallic and looks great in sunlight. Still got the...
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    Bridge grounding wire?

    On my latest build I copied my CS Strat with regards to the grounding wire. Instead of being grounded on the back of the volume pot like just about every drawing I've seen, my CS is attached directly to the output jack. I don't know if it makes a lot of difference, but the build is really quiet...
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    Work in progress

    Sonic blue hardtail, ebony fretboard, CS69 pickups, 3-way switch with blend pot. Aiming for somewhere between NOS and Journeyman.
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    Odd Strat at the Jam

    Just got back from the local jam, where I was watching from the side, when a proper player pulled out a strat with no jack socket, with the plug where the lower tone knob should be. It also had no rear cover, which made me think it was a hardtail, but I couldn't see any ferrules. We got talking...
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    Talk to me about slide guitar

    It's something I know nothing about. What's the best tuning, fretboard radius, strings, slide type etc? I've picked up a Truefire course for slide beginners to get going with.
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    I think I'm in lurve!

    Being a child of the 70s I've always had a thing about metal flake...
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    Tone wood debunked?

    Whaddya think?
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    Tone Hatch pickups?

    Anyone seen these yet?
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    How do you measure your action?

    I just tried to do a setup following Fender's recommended settings, and it mentions 1/8th" gap between the bridge plate and the body for a floating bridge. As the plate is curved, I'd assumed it meant between the flat underside just before the bend starts, and setting it to 1/8th seems really...
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    I was wondering if pole magnets all have the same effect, all things being equal in say, one pickup? With pole pieces of different length in the same pickup, do they exert different levels of effect or is it more of a global thing where they work in combination with each other? Got a high E...
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    Pribora pickups- 67 vintage

    I've just finished installing a set of these, and they're very good. Similar to Custom Shop 69s, but with a RWRP middle and a hotter bridge. Resistance: Neck – 5.5 K, Middle – 5.6 K, Bridge – 5.8 K Soundwise...
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    Modified TBX

    I've just tried a modified TBX tone control, where one side of the detent is a treble cut and the other way is a bass cut. The treble cut works well, but the bass cut drops all the lows and the mids, leaving only the highs. Would a different cap make it perform better? I'm looking for a little...
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    Custom Shop 60 Pickups

    First time I've tried these, and they're nice. Not too hot, they measure about 6k on my 40 year old meter, non-RWRP, formvar wire, and reliced A2 magnets. They sound very close to Boostraps A2 Golden Ale set, only with a bit more punch and a little more in the mids (the BS have an A5 bridge)...