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    Tone knob on a Strat (turn it down to "8")

    i use the same strategy for Strats, Teles and Les Pauls. Amp set to edge of breakup with guitar volume at 8 so I can get a nice boost when I push it to 10. Neck tone at 10 almost always. Bridge tone just enough to give me a little more brightness than a middle position.
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    Is it worth upgrading a bargain basement guitar?

    As an experiment, or for bettering your guitar tech skills, then absolutely. If you’re hoping/expecting to turn the Harley Benton into a guitar that equals a good Epiphone or a good Gibson, I wouldn’t count on it. BUT you will be able to source all the parts necessary and still be ahead on...
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    Which Big Muff Pi do you like best?

    Oh this is interesting. No wonder he’s buddies with Rick Beato.
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    Guitar painting

    Perhaps alder so you don’t need to worry about grain filler.
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    Lets see some ugly pickguards

    I think I’d dig it if all the pickup bobbins were cream. Less of a metal vibe then and more of a Nile Rodgers Hitmaker one…which is definitely not bad company to be in.
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    Small amps

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    I’M AN IDIOT! What dumb thing did you do today?

    Not guitar/music related but I forgot my keycard at home today—it’s necessary for me to get into my office. And my office is a 35 mile drive. Sometimes that 35 miles can take 2 hours. Luckily, the front desk is able to issue a temporary…didn’t know that before I got there though. Just...
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    How many of you buy guitars on credit/make monthly payments?

    I absolutely use credit to buy gear, as long as the terms aren’t egregious. 0% interest financing is a great tool, and I’ll even go to 10% or so if I have a plan to eliminate the balance within a year or 18 months. I tend to buy guitars/amps that are of a limited quantity or one-off and...
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    Can’t Talk Myself Into a Tele

    I was a die hard Strat guy for the first 15 years of my guitar playing life. I felt like once I got to know a Tele, not only was the Tele a blast to whip around on, the Strat opened up for me too. And now both are indispensable. Try it out. YMH fans IFKYK.
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    Collings Orders

    Agree! I have one of those as well and I’d probably argue it’s one of the most versatile guitars I own. And that finish is a stunner.
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    Collings Orders

    So I ordered an I-35 Deluxe in candy apple red with some custom appointments earlier this year—estimated build date 10/23. I then had a fun fraudulent Reverb ad experience on an I-35LC. And that propelled me to place an order for an LC…but I’ve decided on the newest variant from Collings...
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    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Love that record and specifically the title track. If you want a jaw dropping change of pace, take a watch/listen to Sara Bareilles’ live version:
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    Selling online

    Part of the process. At least they are asking before buying. Responsible buyers/lookers.
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    NGD: Haters gonna hate

    Based on the thread name I was expecting a Silver Sky. Or are we past that now? HNGD! Pretty!
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    Other Interests/Hobbies Besides Guitar?

    I’m going to separate playing guitar as a hobby from collecting guitars and equipment. So there’s two. But also cooking, landscaping, fishing, driving fast cars and playing basketball. This year was a rough one though…30ish years of wear and tear caught up to one (possibly both) of my wrists...