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    More than one tele?

    I had three at one point. Now I have one. It's all I need.
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    Twisted tele pups

    I had a TT set in a Wildwood thin skin 55 reissue Tele. I also purchased the set Fender call CS TT. I think they are the same. I doubt they are hand wound Like other have said the neck is a bit strat like. The bridge pickups runs around 10K and it is loud and the overdrive can get honkey if...
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    Which Specs would you choose? - Two similar CS Teles

    I know this is old. I wanted to comment on the pickups. The OP probably made up his mind. I have a WW10 spec.Tele with the Josefina Twisted pickups. Those pickups are underwound and do not have as much output as the other custom shop versions.
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    EJ Strat - Maple vs Rosewood - Body Change?

    1 by Uncle Salty posted May 21, 2021 at 6:45 PM
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    EJ Strat - Maple vs Rosewood - Body Change?

    No I have not. I only played that model at a music store. They only had the maple neck version at the time.
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    EJ Strat - Maple vs Rosewood - Body Change?

    I have the Dakata Red RW version. I think it was said the rosewood board EJ strat body is closer to a 65 spec as far as body shape.
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    Help confirm this is a Fender Custom Shop Strat

    That looks to be what Fender calls a Custom Shop classic.
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    Tele Forums?

    I liked Big Mike. I don't think is a mod any longer.
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    Tele Forums?

    Been a member on the TDPRI for 18 years. I have about 700 posts. For the most part I just go on the Main Telecaster forum. Never had a problem in that sub-forum. Found out the hard way where not to go. So I don't. One person who I got into it with years ago made a comment about my Mother. Mods...
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    Recommendations for Overdrives.

    Did you know the EXH is actually a clone of an 808? Analogman helped with it for EXH. Matthews wanted a pedal that he did not have to put extra money into R&D. Helped keep the cost down. Not too bad for only 70 bucks
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    What is this 1979 strat worth?

    I would want to see a closeup of the bridge and those bare marks on the body. I was thinking that the body might be oversprayed. Got to see better pictures. under the guard as well. Back of the neck and neck pocket. Its possible the nut was replaced. It looks like the high E string is on the...
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    Hard tail yours!

    Philly? I have a few pictures from the show 10 years ago. I will see if I have one of a hardtail.
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    Help me to identify the truth about this strat ???

    If it is a 1965 style there would be not be a plug.
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    I'm thankful I have that covered.
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    Road Worn, 55 thin skin