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    Fender day 6 deal

    Was thinking of the Fender Mustang Micro but, no, after seeing the Fender current price and considering their stubborn stance on holding to the price level in the face of a superior product I think it's got to be the Nux Mighty Plug Pro, an extra £30 and it provides a whole new world. Apart from...
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    One of many.

    And one for cake lovers
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    One of many.

    Personally I think Kelly did it so much better RIP Helter
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    Sadly this isn’t a joke.

    Roundabouts only work if everone knows how to use them. Except perhaps this one.
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    Some trees aren't worth parking under

    My Dad always used to say it was good lucko_O
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    remember that time the angry hail gods attacked only your small town and nowhere else

    Years ago I was involved in repairing a Boeing 707 that had flown through a hail storm due to weather radar failure, not a pretty sight. Not quite as bad as the one below but it did damage the leading edges of the stablisers, wings, engine cowlings and all the cockpit glass.
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    Ahhhhhh.... Feels good to be back

    Mind yur own Business🥴
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    Who can guess what I had to do yesterday?

    That's a relief I thought might have been Myxomatosis 😲
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    what kind of guitar are you, anyway?

    A Harley Benton double cut FAT, cheap and very simple.:rolleyes:
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    What does this mean?

    That's not a standard ISO M12 thread as M12 is 1.75 pitch.
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    My non-Fender Strats

    Love a Blade, even this cheap one is a cracker
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    My new Meme

    Wouldn't we all:whistling:
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    Never gets old.

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    Arrghh !!!

    Jeez I thought you had fallen of the scaffolding Bob😲
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    songs about rain