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    add a question

    Would you give me an ACTUAL tip?!?!🤨
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    The MIM models will also have an MX at the start of the serial number.
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    Best & worse of Youtube?

    The short history playlist is why I subscribed, though the other videos are usually over an hour long
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    Best & worse of Youtube?

    I'm off and on about Darrel braun. Before he had a lot of videos that helped me become a better player, and it inspired me to build my first partscaster, but now he just won't stop with the gear reviews. I have gone to his channel for a guitar or amp I've looked at before because at the very...
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    Best & worse of Youtube?

    Bernth is cool too
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    Best & worse of Youtube?

    There are a lot that I like, in no specific order In the blues, Mike Cole, Samurai guitarist, Marty music, Highlife guitars, Paul Davids, Burls art(should definitely check this one out) Ones I don't like Rick beato Darrel braun ( unless you want a review) Philip McKnight Steve terreberry
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    Is this a Suspicious logo?

    Can we have more pics? Maybe just a picture of the body could determine if it's fake
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    Small defects on brand new Strato Pro II

    Oh, this thread is from 2021 sorry guys
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    Small defects on brand new Strato Pro II

    Don't use steel wool, that will ruin the pickups if your not careful (speaking out of experience) although I do see the problem in this photo, and it is annoying for sure, but I would take it as it is and play it.
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    NGD ‘56 Strat and a Poll

    I'd try and restore the condition it's in now. It looks cool, maybe replace the bridge and pickguard with some road worn parts, but ultimately leave it as it is.
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    Military time eh? 👍👍👍
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    Ryan ?

    Hey I just prayed for ya @Guitarmageddon