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  • Hej Tele
    My friends had a wonderful time in California, not least the trip to the gospel/baptist church - thanks for linking us to it, I really owe you a few favors my friend

    Hope all is good in your life

    Hey tele how's it going? Just wanted to drop you a note to check out my '54 LH replica I've been working on. Check it out if you get a chance over on my Album Page. Also check out my LH JV, boy are those damn things rare! Took me ten years hunting for one to finally track it down!
    Take care my friend,
    -Wayne D. Pgh. Pa. USA
    Im referring to the social network where people you havent seen for years & maybe decades, & dont want to see, can find you.
    And what about people you ditched long ago, or associates that you would rather never were? They can find you there. Egads!
    Facebook, your just asking for trouble. Too many family and friends keeping tabs on you. LOL!
    Hey Tele,
    I've been away for awhile, but I just added a new album page full of new pics!
    Check it out and see what you think my friend.
    Hope you had a nice Easter.
    Take care,
    Wayne D.
    Happy new year mate - may it be a good one
    (Even though you're close to the fiscal cliff - hope Washington will solve the situation soon)
    Be safe out there - all the best

    Hej Tele
    A very merry Christmas to you mate - you really are a great guy
    Once again I'd like to thank you for the help fixing my sons strat. It REALLY means a lot to me (and the kid of course)
    I hope you're cured from HB-ism, if not, go strum a beautiful SSS strat:) nothing to beat that
    Enjoy the holiday Tele - it's so nice knowing you

    All the best

    So nice to have you back .. The humbucker lovers are multiplying:)

    Thanks again Tele
    Heeey Tele
    Just wanna say a MAJOR "thank you' to you. Your help has been beyond what I ever expected. You're a great great guy - thank you, and I'll keep you updated of course...
    That's what I've always said, single coil lovers are the best:)
    Don't worry Tele, I'm getting rid of the damned thing. can sleep well tonight !
    Hey man, haven't seen you posting for a while. Either that, or I'm blind. Hope all's well :)
    Hi Tele
    A happy new year to you - yep, we hate HBers:)
    Actually I've got no GAS at the mo, so I must be a happy guy:)
    Take care mate, and see ya around


    A very merry christmas to you and yours Tele
    You're my first friend here, and I never forgot that:)
    Hope everything is good in California, and that you will have a very good time with friends and family
    Thanks for the help and comments when I made my first setup on my dlx strat.

    All the best from Denmark

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