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  • Hey there Sevycat, indeed I've been a bit slammed this year with work / International Travel. It should mellow out soon so I can get back to hanging out here more often as usual. Take care! Terry
    Busy these days, I see you less on the forum, so I guess family stuff and work command more of your time.
    SRV Fans Unite!! wow, what a Strat Collection youve got! how do you find time to play them all??
    Hey Terry thanks for the message, I've put photos of this "strat" in my album. but it will be a while before I can work my way around this maze. But it still a great site.
    Hey Terry what can you tell me about a 1979 Antigua strat. Do you know anything about these and what they are worth in todays market?
    hi terry, uh, your gas-o-meter is clattering high, do you use all this gear?
    thanks for the comment in my gear; i got some more too, but showing only the stuff that i'm using.... cheers to ya!
    I will get pictures soon, mine isn't in perfect condition it has some cracks that are more of an cosmetic issue than anything, but I'd like to get them fix before I play the guitar regularly. Do you know it these are Brazilian RW? Some people tell me yes, some no (however none of them are experts :D)

    Weirdly enough, mine was also given to me by my father!
    I noticed you said you have a 66 00-18, I have a 67!

    What do you think abut the guitar? I think they are great, and the body size is so comfortable.
    Hi from Nova Scotia Terry, I spend the winters in Mission, TX..... We're almost neighbors then! Thanks for your input re: my "Strat"...... Kurt
    hey, terry! reason i asked is that somebody wrote that EC strats are way different from "normal," i think because of the pups. i was lucky enough to see EC in denver last month, btw.

    no plans to get an EC; i do have a ron kirn custom build strat coming, oly white, MN, and tort. supposed to be about 5 weeks out. now, i'm GASsing for a Li'l Dawg amp.
    take care, larry
    terry, what are your impressions of your EC strat compared with a "stock" axe?

    thanks, larry j, ft. collins
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