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    Heavy Metal Memories...

    Ok then Here's my attempt to learn and record an Iron Maiden solo. I hope to be able to post more here in the future. Thank you for encouraging me in this task, I am really proud of my result and very happy to share it with you. Any comment is welcome.
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    Compact single audio monitor

    Do audio monitors always go in pairs? Is there an option to use a single monitor (and also a very compact one) with an usb audio interface? Any suggestion? I use a scarlett solo, but I have always plugged in my headphones, and really know nothing about monitors. So I am sorry for the very...
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    Will you accept a Tokai guy? 😁

    Sure we will! Welcome mate.
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    Guitar Solo Tabs With Backing Audio?

    On YouTube visit StephLeGratteux channel. There are hundreds of detailed lessons of rock and metal guitar solos. He plays the solo in full speed and then slowly, while tabs run in the lower part of the screen. He links for free on dropbox folders with backing tracks in different speeds; pdf...
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    Are you like me?

    I love electric guitars. I have always loved them, and always will. The way they look, the feel when you hold or touch them, the magic of the sound, clean and distorted. I love palm muting, pick slide, wah wah, reverb. I love the sound your fingers may make on the fretboard when you play. It...
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    Soon-to-be Strat owner

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    Dolphin Dance solo guitar

    Who is playing the drums and bass guitar? :) Great man great I am not a jazz listener but this is beautiful music well over genre-based distinction. Thank you
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    I can’t believe I bought a Custom Shop Strat!

    This guitar is absolutely stunning I can't imagine another one with a better combination of colors You own a masterpiece I am so happy for you
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    Audio to Tab transcription? Or something else?

    Tremendous. I would not want to be the one who wants to learn this stuff exactly and in details. Seriously, I think that the amount of improvisation in these solos should be considered. It makes things even more difficult to learn and replicate properly.
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    Audio to Tab transcription? Or something else?

    I wish I could help you. But I don't have a tab of this solo, and I have myself faked my way through so many songs over the years (decades?) that I am in no position to offer any advice. I have listened to this song for the first time today. I wonder what is your technique, if you also play with...
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    Hi I love this song. Yours is a great version. Excellent job
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    New pickups day!

    They are nice. I replaced one on my American Standard but I regret it. Good move
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    Ok, official NGD post

    Looks tasty! Happy new guitar day! Any more specs? Neck radius?
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    Perfect neck

    I say WOW