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    Are you feeling like?

    Love Sigur Ros, like other bands in what I think of as celestial darkness (stuffed in the same box as Dredg, Oceansize, Steven Wilson & Porcupine Tree, etc., but next gen) I keep it out of sight and listen privately while walking my dog or on long drives. For me not really uplifting but...
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    Are you feeling like?

    Sorry I didn't capture the essence of the thread, came across as whining, but I'm glad it wasn't so. No pontification allowed, got it.
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    Are you feeling like?

    There are 3 ways you can assess the times. First, you can compare the times with your own opinion of what the times should be like. Second, you may compare the times with your life experience and determine whether there were better times during your lifetime or not. And third, you could compare...
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    Are you feeling like?

    Maybe the 70's was a less stupid time, are you feeling like we do?
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    Are you feeling like?

    Well I suppose I could be living 100 years ago during the beginning of the industrial revolution and watch my grandchildren lining up for their 12 hour factory shift. Or maybe 500 years ago, when the concept of leisure or time off could only be granted by the Grimm reaper. Or 1000 years ago...
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    Fair In The Field

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    I Can't Tell You Why, Eagles 1978

    I've been kind of burned out on Eagles, but this made me like them all over again, gorgeous performance Rene!
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    Rock Me - Great White

    Pentatonic mush my ass! Way to shred it Ralph, some intricate runs in the mix, especially that last solo. Love the rhythm on this, you squeezed some sweet sounds from that beautiful guitar. Very cool indeed.
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    War Pigs !

    This is badass! Great work Mike... I know you've been working on this, and it certainly paid off! Your riffing and soloing sound very seasoned and the tone is killer. You rock!
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    Hotel California… solo…

    Excellent work EG! Well done man!
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    The feel of a Fender VS the feel of a Gibson

    Main reason I like the Strat is the comfortable/contoured body shape and overall balance when playing sitting down. The LP's sharp edges are beautiful but not the most comfortable. I prefer the thicker necks, which are much more prevalent on LP's than Strats. Took me a while to find a strat with...
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    Why do Modern Player Stratocasters seem so good?

    Sure, factory workers in China have the same standard of living as factory workers in the USA, LMAO
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    Are you still with the mother/father of your first child?

    mine got divorced when I was 15, my younger siblings and I endured the slow, drawn out demise of a very bad marriage over a period of several years. I felt like a bird flying free from its cage when it finally happened. Took my brother a few years, but he thrived under my moms care. My sister‘s...
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    Here Comes the Sun

    Glad you stopped by, my friend, and gladder you liked it! Yeah I'll need a BIG fire, LOTS of inertia back there, thank you for the encouraging words man! Thank you for the listen and for the good word!
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    We're All Alone, Boz Scaggs 1976

    Man you got such nice pipes Rene, so nice...