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  • I'd say my EJ is tied for #1 with my JLV strat, but the only reason the JLV measures up is because I've modded it to the point where it is nearly equal to the EJ out of the box.
    I would give the EJ a solid "9" - the only down sides are that I like the V shape on the lower end of the neck on the JLV a little better, but I like the thicker high end of the neck on the EJ. The neck can be a little tacky at first, but it will play in - a trick I got from Ron Kirn was to use Meguiar's Cleaner Wax, which leaves the finish clean and slick.
    The pickups were a bit of a surprise at first too, and I wasn't sure if I liked the bridge at first, but after a switch to a more Marshall style dirty rhythm tone in my rig it sounded great. It is the only strat in my collection that is essentially stock (I did add a .022 cap to the neck tone pot, but that's it.)
    Good luck!
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