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    Make You Feel My Love, Bob Dylan 1997

    Hi StratUp, Thank you so much for the great comment. Love 'em! Respectfully, Rene
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    Make You Feel My Love, Bob Dylan 1997

    Hi floydrose, Always great to hear from you, my friend!!! A lot of different singers covered this lovely song. I am glad I was able to deliver this classic to your ears! When I figure out how to do the mp3 of your song, I will send it out your way soonest. Warm regards, Rene
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    Love is a long road

    Hi Snaked Strat, You guys did wonderful on this song. You definitely did justice to Tom Petty, and he will proud on this song! Ian and Mike also did a superb job on vocals and drums. Thanks for this recording. Rene
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    Make You Feel My Love, Bob Dylan 1997

    Make You Feel My Love. Written by Bod Dylan in 1997. This song is dedicated to all my family and friends. And also to all peoples that do not have anybody to express their love and devotion to.
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    A Song For You, Leon Russell 1970

    Hi Scott, Very nice comments, I love 'em!!! Thank you so much!!! Rene Hi Dik, Thank you so much for your comment!!! Respectfully, Rene
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    Bron Buckley

    Hi Joe, Love the guitar T-shirt you are wearing. Of course, lovely guitar playing!!! I have trying to get something going for the Vets here in my location, but the Guitars for Vets org is not very helpful, or maybe I am not good at getting their trust and confidence. I am also a US Military...
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    Scaling a Bluefish

    Hi MugHimsels, Beautiful guitar jam!!! Love the tone of your guitar, and the backing track is lovely. Thanks for this. Rene
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    Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

    Hi slide5, Truly relaxing and serene guitar slide music! I love the way you play your slide guitar. I am really enjoying this recording. Thanks. Rene
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    A Song For You, Leon Russell 1970

    Hi Mouse, Very much appreciated comments. I love 'em! Thank you so much for your support Mouse!!! Respectfully, Rene
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    A Song For You, Leon Russell 1970

    Hi Monte, Love this comment!!! You are so much appreciated. Respectfully, Rene Hi Jeff, I am with you. So glad to have Leon in the RandRoll Hall of Fame!!! Thank you so much for your love of Leon Russell!!! Respectfully, Rene
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    A Song For You, Leon Russell 1970

    Hi Jeff, 100 percent agree!!! Beautiful music, and truly magnificent voice!!! Very nice feedback! Respectfully, Rene Hi Spacejazz, Thank you for your truly wonderful comments. Love 'em!!! Rene
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    Back in the Village - Iron Maiden

    Hi Mouse, Truly an exhibition of pure skill!!! Love this. I agree with floydrose, I get dizzy watching your fingers. Excellent video! Thank you! Rene
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    41TWIN song for June 2022

    Hi FortyEight, Very nice song. I love the guitar track on this song. The mix sounds great to me. The sound effects on the backgrounds is excellent. Vocals are recorded very well. Rene
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    Here is There

    Hi Monte, Very nice method!!! Love the music you produce!!! It is a beautiful journey every time!!! Love the guitars. Thanks for sharing. Rene
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    A Song For You, Leon Russell 1970

    Hi flordrose, Always a pleasure to hear from you!!! Thank you. Rene Hi Stone, Love your comments. Super nice. Thanks. Rene Hi crawdaddy, Love this tune, and your comments are so much appreciated. Thank you so much! Rene Hi JeffBlue, Leon Russell is a true legend. His music is simply beautiful...