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  • Oldboy,

    Yes, they are the GFS Surf 90s. Dynasonic goodness lives here. The guitar sounds fabulous.

    I have been making pickguards from pieces of acrylic sheet from Home Depot for years.
    I use a dremel with a tile-cutting bit for taking the piece from a larger sheet and for cutting to the line, various drum attachments for fine tuning. Needle files for what they do. Papers to smooth the edges.

    On this guitar I worked an image into an 11 x 17 format in a graphics program, put it on flash, and took it to Office Depot for an 11 x 17 color print. About a buck. Paper prayed with clear contact cement, the guard placed on top for the image to show through from the back. On back of that goes the alum. foil for the guard portion of shielding.

    The guitar is an SX SJM-62, older run with the jag type bridge. The equivalent model at Rondo today is the Liquid (with headstock and bridge changes).
    My experience with SX guitars from Rondo is that they have good woods. The three that have been sent to me all needed fret leveling/re-crowning, which I do myself. I disassembled the whammy on this one and put it back together properly, shimmed the neck. Clear nail polish for the saddle adjustment screws (standard operating procedure for this type of bridge) to keep them from backing out via vibration. After tweaking, the SX guitars have been fine indeed.

    I contributed to a pickguard thread, and there are presently some pictures regarding guard and working it:


    In the thread on shielding I had initially gone into some detail about the guitar but went back and edited. I probably should have left the extended info there.

    The Surf 90s are real winners in my book. I put them through extensive testing regarding noted dynasonic players' sounds from the fifties to see if they could really cut the mustard. Was able to dial them all in; the Surf 90s passed with flying colors. And of course, they are great for my own, "sound(s)."

    Hope this helps.

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