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  • Life some times works out. Sounds like Mr. attitude did you a favor, and you got your guitar. So, HNGD to you my acoustic picking friend. :)
    Feeling that spring weather today. Wish I was up to it to go out and enjoy the day. Anyway, I just stopped by to say Hi and wish you well on this wonderful day.
    Hey Oatsoda, I just bought a body off eBay that looks a lot like yours (the one you painted green -- it has that drill/CNC mark just to the upper right of the cutaway for the switches). Did you ever find out anything more about it? What led you to believe that it was a MIM Strat? Do you know where I can find anymore info on it? Thanks.
    The only advantage I found to the TDPRI is the level of technical knowledge. That is about the only reason I venture over to that forum from time to time or if I can't get my question answered here. I can pretty much weed out the nonsense responses and focus on the posters who are in the know.
    Never saw Wolf live. Only Rosebud and Lighting Bolt. 93-95. Short window, but at least I got to see the man before he passed. I'm thankful for that.
    Hey man, just wanted to say that I really like your avatar. I remember seeing it in the ATTN: Deadheads thread, what a great license plate.
    Thanks! Those are just the ones my wife knows about! You should see the really nice ones!!
    I also wanted to add that I visited your pic albums too! very nicely done my friend. I added a couple of comments in there. As D D would say, 'keep playing!'.
    Thank you oatsoda for the kind words about my photo album. You'll have to check out my new pic I just added. Met him just last night and had a blast.
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