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    Are there too many ways of sending a text message?

    You can text me, call me, or send me an email. I don’t use of those other things.
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    For Sale Ibanez Artstar AS153

    2020 Ibanez Artstar AS153. Top of the line Ibanez semi-hollow guitar. Do not confuse this with the lower-level "Artcore" series. The "Artstar" series is a notch above. This guitar is in excellent, near mint condition. Set up perfectly, plays great, sounds great, no issues. This has the Ibanez...
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    Peavey Classic 30 quick review - Very nice

    I have a Classic 20 head which I like a lot. Very straightforward, put everything at noon and it sounds good, tweak from there. The C20 head is basically the same amp as the C30 combo, and has all the modern conveniences on the back - power scaling, emulated line out, effects loop, headphone...
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    7th chords

    I'm no whiz at theory either, but I'll take a wild guess that it is the dissonance between the 7th and 8th (root). It adds a little tension. Much different than the major chord 1st, 3rd, and 5th, which sound stable and "at rest". The 7th sounds lively because it is sort of unresolved, like it...
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    Why does one need more than one guitar?

    You don't need more than one. Anything more is luxury. Pick a number you are comfortable owning. When you buy one, sell one. For myself, I decided 4 was my limit. But I do really like trying new things. So something is always coming or going. I buy used, and then re-sell later if I find...
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    If you are having simple stuff done, like you describe, it's probably fine. I would not bring more serious work to them. The store near me has had the same guys doing tech work for several years. So I would like to believe they are competent at basic setup tasks.
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    So, how many of us actually float the trem?

    Yes of course it’s floated. Isn’t that the point of a strat?
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    Gibson SG…please point out the red flags!

    A Gibson SG with case for $650 seems like a pretty good deal, IF it’s a good player and the modifications are good quality and to your liking. I would want to play it and inspect it in person. But if it passes the test, and you like the SG better than the strat you’re trading, then it’s a good deal.
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    So I am new to this Craigslist thing.

    GC won't give you half of the new cost. They'll give you half (maybe 60%) of the USED value, meaning what they will sell it for. For a guitar that sells new for $1,000, they'll give you $350.
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    So I am new to this Craigslist thing.

    I use CL all the time. Sometimes things sell right away, sometimes they take FOREVER. Sometimes you get your asking price, other times it is just crazy lowballers. It just depends on the coincidence of somebody who's interested in your specific item happening to see your ad. There's a huge...
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    The daily "Just Wow....."

    I suppose I could be persuaded to do it. But it would take a LOT of persuading.
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    Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2022 Nominees

    They should have long ago dropped the pretense and just renamed it the "Popular Music Hall of Fame." Not as catchy, but a heckuva lot more accurate.
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    The daily "Just Wow....."

    Advice on how to pay off student loan debt: get someone else to do it for you.
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    How many amps have you got?

    Way too many. Used ones wander in here. It’s ridiculous. Need to sell some, just haven’t made up my mind yet. The greatly reduced number of gigs the past 2 years had made it harder to properly put them through their paces. They’re all small. Gigs: Fender TMDR and Marshall Origin 20 Home...
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    Favorite/least favorite trends in the guitar market

    None are essential, but all are nice. Like automatic transmission. Sure we could all drive a stick. But few choose to.