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  • Hello, have you still got your Analogman Maxon Silver OD9?

    If yes, I'd be interested to buy it to you. I live in France, but I've got a Paypal account.

    Let me know! Here is my email adress:

    geraudf at yahoo dot fr

    All the best and merry Christmas,
    Would you be willing to post to Australia, postcode 3030, for an additional $10, so $50 in total? If so, I will buy it!

    Installed no, but he did rewind it for free and should be in my guitar by sometime next week! Really loving what I have so far though!
    Hey just want to know if its okay I took the liberty to list you as a good deal. I know it was on TGP...but it can count here too right ? :)
    Ok, I really need this body ur trying to sell u say u need a wah....Ive got a dan-o wah (shaped like a car, 6 wah sounds plus fuzz and octaver) or a crybaby....If not one of these lemme know what ya want
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