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    Really? Again?

    "One of my best friends has had Covid twice, despite all the jabs.">>>> Think about that statement. My first thought it, "Why get the X shot at all?"
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    Kirstie Alley

    You are correct about being less than kind to her.
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    Kirstie Alley

    I appreciate the love she's being shown. At this moment, Twitter is a vile cesspool of hatred and divisiveness. Everyone is affected by cancer. Cancer killed my father way before his time. A cancer death should not be an opportunity to gloat about your personal politics.
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    I want to play with Hot Wheels

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    I want to play with Hot Wheels

    I had about fifty assorted Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars from the the late 60s and early 70s. All of them drowned in Hurricane Katrina. I kept them in the safest place in the world to me at the time, my mother's house near Lake Pontchartrain. Who knew?
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    I want to play with Hot Wheels

    I do! Thanks for conjuring up a long forgotten youthful memory. Danny
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    Is ST becoming sentient with ESP?

    Cool story.
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    What about those 335 type guitars?
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    A question about Neck Radius and Fret Size.

    M My grandfather had to kick his mule before it would carry the water from the well.
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    What about those 335 type guitars?

    This is breaking news! Thank you for letting me know.
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    What about those 335 type guitars?

    They sound wet. Wet is good.
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    Why did I not know about this?

    Br A smart, thoughtful, and fair post.
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    More Playing and Creating, Less Researching and Buying

    I visit less, plug in more. Talk less, think more. Presently I'm in my allotted hour of time wasting on this forum. See you next Sunday.
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    The magnet post blew me away, truly, it did. Post Script- In 1982 I witnessed Shawn Lane shred the frets off of a no-name Strat copy. He was plugged into a Furman preamp into a Peavey CS 60 power amp. This mind-blowing experience occurred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My point is simple-...
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    Thank you for the magnet information. Magnets rule the universe. Within the secret of the magnets lie the answers to the problems of the universe.