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    5e3 Tweed Deluxe Owners

    I built a Mojotone kit a few years ago, with a few component substitutions. It's got a Weber 12A125A speaker, Jupiter coupling caps, and after trying several values I ended up with 0.05uF couplers for the first stages. If you look closely you can see that the amp was already reliced by my cats...
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    What does a Strat sound like?

    A Strat sounds like a Tele with a head cold.
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    Tube Shortages...

    The Korg NuTube is a very low-mu dual triode, and couldn't be relied upon to do all the amplification for a preamp. It's really made to be inserted in opamp circuits to add a little 2nd harmonic "tube flavor".
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    Bodean's Lounge

    Or the '66 or '67 Epiphone Riviera, I paid $325 for it in 1974, sold it to Gruhn's in 1979 or '80 for $350, I needed money for a speeding ticket. They said they were trying to amass a selection of Rivieras because Elvis Costello was coming in to look for one. I have no idea if Mr. McManus...
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    Bodean's Lounge

    I had a '67 SG Special. I paid $650 for it in the mid-1990s, sold it for $1200 'cause it was the wrong color (it was brown, I wanted a red one), figured one I liked would come along soon enough. Then they rocketed up to $5K. By 2008 they were closing in on ~$10K before the crash. They're...
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    What color pickups and knobs look best on a mint guard

    Should be lighter than the pickguard. Those creams just look pink against the mint guard.
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    List of the top tambourine players.

    Usually when there's a British all-star clusterf*** with a flamboyant tambourine player, it turns out to be Ray Cooper. Ray Cooper was at The Concert For George, but the guy you're asking about appears to be Jim Capaldi, formerly of Traffic.
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    "Sullivan Wasted Time with Beatles"

    It's not good to be on the wrong side of history.
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    cat lovers only.....

    Cats are heat-seeking devices. Also, an electric blanket can't purr.
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    Darmok and Jalad

    Shaka, when the walls fell This whole concept of communicating via metaphor is absurd. How did the Tamarians learn the stories behind their metaphors without some form of linear syntax?
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    Follow-up To Floating Trem Question

    I like the dangle. Keeps the bar out of the way unless I need it. But my Strat has a Callaham vibrato, and dangle isn't in its vocabulary.
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    Who makes the best mint green pickguard?

    A lot of times the guitars from that time period didn't come with matching trem covers either, they continued using the single-ply white covers on the back well into the 1960s.
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    A survey about outdoor cats.

    My cats 1-4 were indoor/outdoor cats. 1 through 3 dealt with it well, but 4 got into some rat poison by the neighborhood pizza joint's dumpster and died. So I haven't let replacement cats 5 or 6 outside. I still believe in letting cats prowl when the situation allows, but for now that's not...