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    Anyone here familiar with MJT guitars or Haywire Guitars? Thoughts? Are they quality, good workhorse type strats and such?

    I have an MJT/Allparts Strat that is just superb. More like a Strat than almost every other Strat I’ve played. Literally everyone that’s played it, asked me if I’d part with it. Nope
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    Belated NAD

    I was looking into potentially buying one of their (Achilles) Super Reverb clones but I won’t be able to try before I buy. They’re about $1200 more than a reissue Fender.
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    Belated NAD

    I’m in Adelaide, but next time I’m in Melbourne I’ll try. Any experience with Achilles Amps?
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    To each their own. This is where you and anyone else with such a narrow mind need to ask yourselves, ‘how does what someone else owns and plays affect my life?’
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    Belated NAD

    Congrats! I’ve heard great things about all the amps he builds.
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    What's the REAL reason behind your guitar/amp/gear buying?

    I think it’s because I like more than just one colour.
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    Show me your Heavy Metal Strat

    I don’t really play metal these days but this thing fkn rocks real good
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    How do you attach your pedals other than Velcro?

    ^This. My pedal train came with a free flight/road case too so I’ve never had an issue keeping the pedals on the board.
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    EH 95000 vs Boss RC 600...or other?

    The new Pigtronix looper looks fantastic.
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    Rhythm guitar

    Up to individuals to work out for themselves what’s true and what’s nonsense. Always been that way and always will be.
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    Tone knob on a Strat (turn it down to "8")

    I use the volume far more often than I use the tone knobs.
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    My non-Fender Strats

    Beautiful guitar!! I love Levinson Blade guitars. Here are my two My #1 guitar -RH1 RH2
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    Rhythm guitar

    IME you need great rhythm chops to be a great lead player too and it’s not all in the right hand, although it helps if you know what you’re doing with the right. Many greats already mentioned. A couple underrated rhythm players imo Andrew Farriss The Edge
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    Dream guitar...International Shipping

    DHL had my Tokai guitar from Japan to my door in Australia in 6 days.
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    2012-2017 AV ‘65 - Does Sherwood Green Exist?

    From memory, I played a SG ‘59 AV alongside the black one I bought in 2013 🤷‍♂️