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    Why are refrets coming up so much these days?

    I've not heard this. At least not in the collector circles I move in. Refrets are par for the course along with neck resets on acoustic guitars. All I can think is that if the guitar has pristine original frets the rest of the guitar will likely be pretty mint therefore more desirable?
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    RIP Judith Durham of the Seekers

    Little know in USA but much beloved in Australia, UK, New Zealand. An influential voice of 60s folk. One of my favourites :(
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    Did Hank sr write any Blues songs?

    Jimmie Rodgers called country music "the white man's blues" I believe.
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    Original Neck

    Yes you can. It's a slab board, just the way MIJs were done.
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    Guitar that might be Buddy Holly's 1954 Strat

    They used a bit more attention to detail with La Bamba. By then 57 reissues were readily available. If you're really fussy you'll note that the 12 fret dot spacing was wrong on the reissues of the 80s (narrow spaced). I was more annoyed that they couldn't Lou Diamond Phillips the three simple...
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    Guitar that might be Buddy Holly's 1954 Strat

    The letter from Bill Carson would have helped with the asking price - the same catalogue has original preCBS strats in the $3500- 5000 range.
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    Let’s see your pre-CBS Straturday photos…

    It's my refin 63. Catching the light just right ;)
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    Guitar that might be Buddy Holly's 1954 Strat

    Hilarious! That strat was last seen for sale in the Gruhn vintage catalogue, August 95. Wasn't even a legit '68! 😆
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    Dickie Phillips "over-the-top" on a Strat.

    Seems like there's at least one too many banjos in that shot?
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    Justa FEEL GOOD thread....try not to smile...I DARE YOU

    Get through this without cracking a smile and you're a hard, hard man :)